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Declawing Solution

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I am happy to report Bo has recovered nicely from his neutering 2/21. I chose no to declaw him after visiting this forum an reading up on declawing. I instead put the SoftPaws nail caps on him. He never licked or chewed and they have stayed on beautifully. He still scratches. but doesnt mark anything with his efforts. I am continuing to teach him what is appropriate to scratch at an mark with the scent pads in his paws. I cant say enough about this product and have spread the word in my large circle of animal loving friends. I also found this product under the name Soft Claws at this online vet catalog. http://cats.drsfostersmith.com/
Cant wait til Bo is grown up enough to wear the colored ones. Its kinda like having fake nail caps like human females get done.
Never again will I declaw or condone it.
Thanks again. Bo thanks you all as well and is a happy sassy kitty with his claws intact.
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You have truly made my day. Thank you so much to Anne for this sight. Without it so many people would go on uneducated about declawing. LadyNight, you did a wonderful thing by researching. I thank you, and hope you and Bo have a wonderful life togethor!!
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Way to go Ladynight!

I only wish I had done research before I had my wonderful boy Casey and torti Mollie Rose declawed. It totally change his whole personality. He is now a fraidy cat and is really insecure. I have six other cats and they are all intact. I would never, ever declaw a cat and get real angry at anyone who even thinks about it. I believe that all veterinarians need to educate people about the procedure before performing it so that they can decide for themselves. But, because veterinarians like to make money, I know that isn't going to happen. It's too bad. But, I'm glad you were able to see the light!
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I'm so glad it ended so well.

So far I've heard only good things about Soft Paws. I'll try to add it to the TCS shop as well.
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I have been off the site for a few days, but wanted to post to you to tell you that I am so happy and proud that you really read up on the declawing and made the decision you did! As the president of a rescue organization and as a regular cat person my hat's off to you!
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Dear Ladynight,
You are my true heroine this evening! I'm so proud of you...truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. That was so unselfish of you and so considerate. I can't thank you enough for making my day!
God Bless You & Yours Always!!
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I too have been using Soft Paws on my two furrbutts for a couple years now. I think it's a great invention! I'm glad to see that other people have discovered them. My cats don't put up much of a fuss about the procedure anymore cuz they know they get a little tuna afterwards Plus I think they feel pretty cool and high fashion with red or purple nails
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