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Big brown dog not feeling so well...

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...she needs good vibes from all! She's my adopted GSP mix. She's 80(OK, so maybe closer to 90) lb. hound dog! I love her despite the fact that she is a naughty dog & resists all training(mine & professional). She has always had a little cough since we got her. She has been checked by 2 different vets concerning her cough & neither of them found anything wrong with her. Well, she just had a massive cough attack. We removed her collar(not that is seems to help much). I have been googling dogs & coughing & found that she could have quite a few things. Lungworms(are they in MN??), heartowrms, her trachea could be collapsing, etc. All in all, she isn't doing so hot. Tomorrow, I am going to call our vet & see what he has to say. If I don't like what he says, I am going straight to another vet. No time to screw around.

Keep my girl in your thoughts tomorrow & send lots of good vibes!
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Poor doogie. Get well vibes to you. That lung worm thing sounds nasty - hope it isn't anything that serious.
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear.. I'll be looking for you post tomorrow..

Thinking of you 2~~
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Hope your lady gets better!
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Dogs are probably my favourite animal. I'm definitly thinking of her!!!!!
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Sending prayers
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Sending many get well wishes to your dogger. I hope she gets well soon!
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Good healing vibes on to your hound baby! Hope she feels better!! What is her name?
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The vet we went to is really stumped. He doesn't think it is lungworms or heartworms. He referred us to another vet in the area. We got a pill to give my baby & we are to see the other vet on Wed. I knew when I adopted my Pooka that she had some genetic issues, but I am not ready to loose her yet. I will post morea as soon as I find out.
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Please let us know how she's doing!! I will keep her in my prayers!!
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I have been searching online for anything that could tip me off to what she has. I found quite a bit of info. on reverse sneezing. I called teh vet we are going to see on Wed. She agrees that it could be reverse sneezing, but fears that it could also have something to do with a collapsed trachea. She usually checks dogs for that when they are 3(that's how old my Pooka is).
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