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Need help with ingrown nails

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I usually trim my cat's nails every 2 or 3 months and she's never seemed to have any difficulties with her feet before.

This time when I went to trim her nails there were three that I cannot even get the clippers around because they have curled into her pads. What's even more strange is that her nails seem to be three times thicker than they have always been.

I'm planning to take her to the vet if I can't find a way to trim her three bad nails--they are digging into her skin.

Has this happened to anybody else? How did you deal with it?

BTW She is 18 years old and her diet is consistant.

Please reply or send a private message if you have a solution!
Thank you.
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I've never had this happen and the only thing I can suggest is to start trimming her nails more often. I do mine every 4-7 days or so and I notice that they get pretty long in that short period of time so I can just imagine that 2 or 3 months and they'd be really long.
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As cats mature, their ability to retract their claws decreases. The claw also thickens with age. I also suggest clipping more frequently and always make certain you clip with a clean, sharp clipping tool.
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I had my cats claws do that once and I used to cut them every few weeks. Thankfully it only happened that once and I continue to cut them every few weeks and they are fine.
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The vet will have to deal with those nails. Since they are into the skin, you don't want to mess around. You could cause worse damage. I'm surprised she can walk with nails into the skin.

You should be trimming nails a minimum of every 2 weeks. I check nails once a week and trim as needed. 2-3 MONTHS is asking for trouble (as you've found). Unless the cat is an outdoor cat and can sharpen the nails better, you have to trim them a lot more often then you are doing now.

I even trim the outside ones every once in a while and they are really long - I"m kinda surprised they are not ingrown.
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I took her to the vet today and she used scissors clippers to do the nails. There were four that were ingrown and touching the skin of her pads.

She really freaked out and tried to bite me but she's much happier now, I can tell, that she can walk properly again.

I guess since clipping her nails has never been an issue in all those 18 years I just never expected this to happen. The clippers I have are better suited for dogs the vet tells me so I'm going to get the ones like she had and do her nails more often.

I hadn't realized her nails would become so thick like that and curve under so quickly as she became old. She's an indoor cat and doesn't use her scratching post anymore. I guess she needs more attention with the pedicures.

Thanks for your thoughtful responses.

$15 and a few scratches and bites later she's got short nails and her skin is undammaged.
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