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Not the garage, into our livingroom where it is warm and cosy!
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I do not think so : this stray is used to the outdoors , so our garage is alread y a great iprovement to her !!
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Okay, let's take her there and make sure she's comfortable.
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"Too late, Mother, here comes the first one, feet first!"
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Hurry, get the blanket, get the blanket!!
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oh look what a cutie !!!!
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and there's more on the way....
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PLENTY more on the way...this little mama's belly was quite swollen, there had to be at least six little babies inside of her.
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well,said mom, now we have to be sure that no stillborn kitty is left inside if this young mommy here !!
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Finally, I thought I could relax while mommy kitty bathed and nursed the newborns, but another kitten appeared, and when number six didn't move, I wiped its little mouth out, checked its throat and
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I proceeded to give the littles kitty mouth to kitty resusitation.
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but as I was about to do this
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..I saw its little chest move, and a tiny mew came from the newborn.
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I was so glad to hear that!
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"Well, Mother, I know how I'm spending my week off; how about you?"
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**sitting on the floor staring at the newly born kittens with deep adoration gleeming from her eyes** "What! Are you kidding me? I'm staying right here with these beautiful babes."
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They stood there, staring at the beautiful new litter of furbabies, and smiled.
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I smiled again, thinking of that night, but now I had the cabin in the woods, the song of crickets at night, and a wonderful week with no worries, no responsibilites; I turned the key in the front door and opened it slowly..
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With thoughts of a well-deserved rest, I stepped over the threshold and into the cozy sun dappled interior of my vacation cabin, blissfully unaware of the impending events this week would bring.
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The day was brisk for late spring, so I thought I had better get some wood for the fire; with my arms full I pushed the door open with my knee and noticed...
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a curious piece of metal half hidden under the fringe of the throw rug and I paused to nudge it with the toe of my boot.
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I gasped and almost dropped the wood as my toe gradually revealed what had been hastily and partially hidden under the rug; was I alone?
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With my brain working feverishly to remember where I had seen that familar object before, I hastily dumped my load of wood and returned to re-examine the glittering metal.
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When I saw the antique ivory handle I knew it had to be the same hunting knife my father had used before he died, but that was five years ago, and no one had seen it since.
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In fact, no one had even been to this cabin for over a year, when I had used it for my vacation. At least, I didn't think anyone had been here. I knew that I had thoroughly cleaned it before I left last year. This couldn't have possibly been here then...
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I caressed the worn ivory handle of the knife and as I let the comforting and familiar heaviness settle onto my palm, the carefully repressed memories like the turn of low tide slowly flooded my mind.
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As the memories came back I realized that this really shouldn't be here. Last I knew, this knife was being held as evidence by the police!
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Memories of that awful time tumbled through my mind mercilessly-Dad, the cabin, the blood, the knife..I found myself on the floor, sobbing.
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After a good self-pity session, I dried my eyes and decided the best course of action would be to thoroughly search the cabin and immediate grounds looking for any other oddities before alerting my excitable mother and the authorities to possible foul play.
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The cabin appeared to be normal, except for the odd fact that one of the end tables was not dusty; I stepped outside to examine the grounds when I saw something that made me feel very uneasy.
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