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"Isn't he upstairs asleep?," she asked, "I didn't want him to catch us, so I came late."
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Didn't want WHO to catch us mother?
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"Your dog, silly! Last time I came over, he nearly knocked me off my feet when he ran up to me to say hello!!"
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I relaxed, finally, and started to laugh at myself for being so frightened, and then...
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I heard the distant wailing of sirens and thought to myself, "They couldn't be headed this way, could they?"
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I heard the sound of squealing tires and looked out the window to see flashing lights and two paramedics running towards my front door.
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"Don't worry, ladies; the police are right behind us," the paramedic yelled as he approached my front door!
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My mind raced frantically trying to comprehend the situation, when all of a sudden a sheepish grin stole across my face and I realized what I had overlooked to cause all the concern.
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I remembered before I found my mother, I had contemplated about calling 911 or not...I had to have dialed and then when I decided against calling, I must have just put it in my pocket without hanging up!
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My face reddened and I sputtered and stammered as I explained what had happened, but I finally convinced the paramedics and police to leave; almost immediately I was sorry I had...
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"Hurry,we've not much time and we've got to be quiet!" I hissed to my mother quickly shoving her rather roughly back into the house and while my eyes scanned the dark shadows for a second or two, I shushed my now barking dog and slipped through the door and locked it behind me.
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"I saw something move, Mother, and it wasn't you this time; in fact, I think whatever or whoever it is was here before you came!"
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"I am never going to get to leave on this vacation if this keeps up," I lamented wistfully eyeing my packed suitcases sitting like sentinels at the door.
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I locked all of the doors, and turned to my mother, "You all packed then??"
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"Yes, of course, my bags are in the...", she started to answer, when I heard a shrill, scraping sound at the window.
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And there he was standing at the bottom of the steps, a ...
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...scrappy looking cat I had never seen in my part of the neighbourhood before.
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"Mom, here's our intruder; he looks hungry and I don't think he wants to leave!"
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"What are we going to do now Mom?"
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well , let's have a look if this little rascal looks healthy or if he needs medical help !!
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I approached the straggly cat slowly, speaking softly, "Well kitty, let's see if you'll let us help you," and some nonsensical sounds meant to sound reassuring.
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At first he seemed scared, but then he began rubbing my hand with his head.
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So I took the travel-box and tried to pick up the stray ...
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Ok, come on here you little rascal.
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Do not be shy , mommy won't hurt you dear !!!
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My godness, aren't you...
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just about ready to have a litter at the worst possible time?"
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Indeed, the mother cat was about to give birth as she lay down and started to concentrate on the task ahead of her.
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"Well, Mother, there goes our weekend, unless you want to go by yourself!"
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Well , let's get this mommy-to-be a nice hardboard box and put it in the garage okay !!
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