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I shuddered to think what might have happened if Albright's scheme had gone through as planned. "Just one more question, Dad. How did you and Detective Igma happen to be in the woods when Albright came?"
"We weren't," he answered. "We were in the cabin. Even Een didn't hear Albright coming. He called you at the hotel to tell you that Albright had left his home, and was heading out of town on a totally different route. We didn't realize how crafty an SOB he was, so we thought there would be lots of time for you and me to visit. And, you're a smart girl. If Albright wasn't coming to the cabin soon, we needed a plan to force his hand."
"Ean and I were mulling things over when the door opened and Albright stood in the doorway with a gun pointed at us."
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"Lucky for us, you were driving up at just that time. Albright turned to see who was coming up the drive and that gave us the chance to tackle him. Well, try to tackle him, at least. When that first attempt failed, we took off in separate directions into the woods. He was close behind me but apparently couldn't get a clean shot off because of the trees. With all the rain, Een slipped and fell down the embankment. When I heard him scream in pain, I knew Albright would pounce on him like a lion on a wounded gazelle. I confronted Albright and tried to reason with him. You know, the 'I'll give you the necklace if you let us live' type lines. He had enough talk, and I knew I was going to die soon. Then I saw you waving from the bushes. I think you know what happened after that."
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"I certainly do!" It was a crude plan, but I had to do something," I answered. "Hey, Dad, there's something really important we have to do before tomorrow morning."
"And what would that be, pray tell?" he asked with a grin on his face.
"Well, Dad, I think there's another person who might want to know you're alive; in fact, she's at my house kitty-sitting right now. I think I better call her before we go bursting in though. The last thing we need now would be Mom going into shock!"
"O.K., sweetheart, you make the call. I'll go look for my razor. I want to look my best before I see my bride....Oh, you don't mind if we go right home after I get rid of you, do you?" he asked, smiling. "We have some important catching up to do, and this time I don't need your help!"
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After thoroughly debriefing the police the following day, Dad and I returned to the city. I had never seen Mom so nervous as when we pulled up to my house. She looked like a schoolgirl waiting for her date to the prom. The nervousness turned to a very tearful reunion when Dad swept her up in his arms and twirled her around like the military men returning from World War 2. Mom didn't even say hello to me, but I didn't blame her for that. The love of her life, who she thought was dead, had returned for her - a knight in shining armour.

I unloaded my car after they drove off. I still had 5 days of vacation left, and I was looking forward to some peace and quiet with just my furry family to keep me company. I didn't think I could handle any more adventures....
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The evening was quiet, except for a chorus of crickets..which made the night hours even more magical than usual. She sat on her porch swing with Portia, her white cat, on her lap and wondered if life could ever get any better than it already was. The only light visible was the glow of a candle which sat on her wicker end table. The sky was as black as ebony, and the stars seemed to be winking at her..."Good job." Well, with a bit of imagination she could hear them. Dad was back and she had been instrumental in saving his life. Mom and Dad were together, and she had five glorious days to enjoy it all. It was a "Beautiful Life." Finally, the silence was broken by the recurrent and annoying buzzing of her phone. "Darn it!" she muttered, and she reluctantly entered the house to answer it.
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No answer.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry love. I was waiting for the machine to pick up. What are you doing back already?"

She let out a sigh of relief. It was only her sometimes-boyfriend, Mark. Since she was back early, he wanted to take her out to dinner, but they decided to have him come over with some takeout so she could explain just why exactly she was back early, and so she could relax.
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Jessica decided to take a quick shower and change while Mark was picking up the food. She was not in love with Mark, but he was a great guy, and she had discovered they had a lot in common. He was one of those people who made everyone feel special. Jessica began to look forward to seeing him. He was tall, with dark brown wavy hair and deep blue eyes. The fact that he lifted several times a week didn't hurt his overall appearance either!
She stepped out of the shower and threw on a robe. He was here already, only 25 minutes, pretty good time to call in and pick up an order! As Jessica opened the door, she apologized, "Mark, I was in the--Mark?" There was no one there. "I guess it was my imagination," She mumbled to herself as she went to the bedroom and put on clean navy shorts and a tank top. The door bell rang, and this time Mark stood on the porch with bags in each arm. Jessica laughed. "What did you do, ring the bell with your foot? You have enough food for--"
"Here, hold these, will you? What in the world is this?" he asked as he bent over and picked up a note.
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Oh Great......the note was written in french! Now what? Mark slowly read the words: "Il nous fait plaisir de vous annoncer que....blah, blah, blah......s.v.p. vous presenter a 203 rue de Champagne....." it went on and on and they had no clue what it meant or who it was intended for. Aha! Another adventure. Now.....was I really up for this? All I really wanted tonight was good food, good company and a good night sleep. "Mark", I said, "What do you say we just ignore the note, whatever it may be and cuddle up? I don't think I'm hungry right now...."

Mark had a look on his face that just didn't seem like a normal "Mark" face. A mischievious look at that. Oh no......please don't tell me........here we go again!!!!
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"Oh, come on," Mark coaxed. "We'll work on the translation between bites. I still remember a little bit of my high school French! Here," he said, and patted the couch as he sat down," Let's find out what it says. Look! s.v.p., Isn't that like r.s.v.p.? Someone probably wants you to come to their wedding in Paris!"
Jessica gave him a soft punch on the arm. "Right... I have so many friends in France! Let me see that." She glanced through the note, wondering why the bearer of the note left it on the doorstep instead of waiting for her to answer the door. "It looks as if I am invited somewhere, or this is a really elaborate joke. Look at the quality of this paper; it's expensive! I'll get it translated tomorrow. Right now I'd rather just sit here and talk."
Mark took the invitation back and looked at it again. "You know, this could be from someone in New Orleans or Quebec. Or, it could be some other guy who just wants to be alone with you at a great French restaurant. Rue--That means street..."
Instead of answering, she gently took the note and put it on the coffee table, turned on the V.C.R. and gave him a soft kiss. "Now, do you want to read notes or watch a scary movie with me?"
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"Come on Jessi." Mark cooed. He was the only person who could get away with calling her that. She would have smacked anyone who didn't use her full name - Jessica. "When have you not been up for an adventure?"

"You want adventure?!? I'll tell you about adventure!" And so over the scrumptious Indian food he brought she told him all about her father, the necklace, the murders, and what she had just been through. They flipped through the channels after dinner, and she promptly fell asleep on his shoulder.

Jessica woke up under a blanket, the TV playing some infomercial, and Mark pouring over the note.
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"Hey, sleepyhead! I didn't want to wake you up, but I have to get going. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Mark kissed her forehead and left, locking the door behind him. Jessica was in the bathroom, changing, when she heard someone yelling. Throwing a robe on as she ran, she hurried to the front porch.
"Hey, lady! Call 911. This guy's been hit!"
It took only a second to recognize the bundle on the road as Mark! Jessica struggled to keep her composure while she called the ambulance and police. "Oh, my God! What next?"
Hours later she drove home from the hospital. Mark had been hit by a car and thrown several feet. He had multiple fractures and a concussion, but with time and care, would have a complete recovery. Jessica was exhausted from the stress, but waited until the wee hours of the morning before leaving. Mark's parents were on their way from Indiana, and the doctor said he would probably be "out" for hours. She parked and walked up the steps in disbelief. There was a huge hole in the front window!
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She used her cell phone to call the police. After they assured her that there was no one in the house, she went in to survey the damage. All the big stuff was still there - TV, VCR, DVD, stereo. The place was ransacked, but she couldn't find anything missing. The police filled out as much of the paperwork as they could, but at this point could only file it as a vandalism case. If she found anything of value missing she would call them, and only then could they upgrade it to something more serious.

Jessica took to the task of cleaning up and came across Mark's rough translation of the note in French.

"It pleases me to announce you are invited to private collection art show.....invited person only, RSVP to the person at 203 Champagne St., St. Foy, Quebec."

He hadn't gotten very far. It was mostly a blank page with a little at the beginning and the end. Her only question was, why hadn't this been sent to her work? She had followed her dad's footsteps in studying cultures and historical works, but had been drawn to the art world more than artifacts. She got invitations like this all the time. Generally sometime during the show the owner would track her down to authenticate one piece or another, always wanting to get a freebie.

As Jessica cleaned up the mess in the living room, she did notice what was missing - the note.
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The reality of what had 'almost' occurred suddenly hit her full force. My God, Mark could have been killed! She started thinking about what life would be like without Mark in it and in a flash, she realised how important he had become to her. There was no denying it anymore, she truly loved him.

"The heck with the note." Jessica thought. "How important could it possibly be? Right? It's not like they couldn't find my number in the phone book if it was that important." Life was just too short to spend worrying about the little things. Right now, there were bigger fish to fry. Time to get back to the hospital and give Mark the answer to the question he kept asking over and over again. Just thinking about what his reaction would be wiped away all the feelings of exhaustion that were visible but just a few moments ago. He would be sooooo excited! Sleep? Heck...there was always tomorrow for that! This just couldn't be put off much longer. Please let him be awake...

"Oh yeah....almost forgot; the window. What exactly is that odd looking object hanging from the ledge? Check it out now or later??"
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Jessica walked over to the window. "I'll have to get this boarded up, or someone else will be breaking in here," she thought, as she leaned over to pick up the object which was hanging from the tieback. "How did we miss this?" she wondered. The rock was fairly large and wrapped in paper. "Oh, how melodramatic," she thought. "These kids have seen too many movies." She read the note and knew she was not dealing with kids.

This time, pay attention, b----! Your friend should have
stayed at home. I would have presented your invitation
personally. No one is to know where you're going or why.
If you put any value on your friend's life, wait for my call.
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After reading the note, she thought of Mark and almost decided to become a nun. Now she understood why her father kept everyone in the dark. She was mad, so mad she couldn't even see straight. How dare these people involve Mark like this! How dare they hurt him for an innocent mistake - one neither knew they were making.

Now the decision. Should she wait for the call and tell this J. off in no uncertain terms? Should she go to Mark anyway and let J. know exactly what her priorities are? But by going to Mark, does she risk J.'s fury and possible repercussions not only to herself but to anyone else in her life? Should she just wait for the call and try to be as calm as she can possibly be to find out what this J. wants?
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She looked at Mark's translation once more. s.v.p.--Mark was wrong about that part; it meant "please present yourself at 203 Champagne St., St. Foy." That's about all Jessica remembered about the original note, Mark mentioning s.v.p.....The phone interrupted her thoughts, and she felt certain the decision had been made for her.
"Listen you!" she answered, but was interrupted by her mother's voice, "Jessica, we just received the most frightening phone call. Considering what happened to Mark, I thought I should tell you! Dad's here, and he's a bit more calm right now. Here he is!"
"Jessica, we'll be all right; don't worry. Do what you think is right. Just ignore this SOB. Your mother and I can take care of ourselves. We'll call the police and report the call. Are you all right?"
"Dad! What call? What did he say?"
"Jessica, do you know a man by the name of Jacques?"
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"No, not that I can think of. What happened, Dad?"

"We got a phone call just now. Your mother answered, he must have thought it was you. Luckily, since we were asleep, the answering machine had picked up so the whole conversation was recorded. Give me a second, I'll play it for you."

Jacques: Not a wise choice to leave home right now...

Mom: (very sleepy) Hello? Who is this?

Jacques: So you are home. This is Jacques. Listen very carefully. You will take the 7:30 flight to Quebec on Air Canada. Someone will meet you at the airport when you arrive. Don't tell anyone where you are going. If you choose not to go, your mother, Rhea, will not be as fortunate as your friend Mark. Do you understand Jessica?

Mom: This isn't Jessica. What do you want with her?

Dad: Who the hell is this?


"Did you get all that Jessica?"

She was too stunned to answer. Now threatening her family? Who would do this?

"Yeah," Jessica stammered. "Guess I better pack."
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"Jessica? What are you planning on doing? Are you still there? Jessica, don't you dare hang up on me until you tell me what you are up to...."


"No time to deal with dad," she thought.

"Time to roll......."

She'd call the hospital to check up on Mark later, that would give her time to think of some excuse for her absence.

"Ste. Foy.....Jacques....." There was some familiarity to it all but nothing she could put her finger on. "Could it be????? No. Impossible. That was years ago........"

A vague memory of an evening at Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City that ended tragically...came back to her in a flash.

There was no way he could have tracked her down. Or was there?
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Jessica had so many decisions to make. It would not be safe to leave without someone knowing the details; yet Mark's life and her parents' safety depended on confidentiality. She pondered the problem while she packed. Miss Isabel, her beautiful black cat, and Blue, the laid back male weaved their way around her legs as she grabbed a few things from the closet. She sat on the bed for a moment and hugged them. "You poor babies! Here I go again!"

Jessica called her neighbor, Daniela and asked her if she'd come over daily to care for the cats. Daniela had one of the kittens Jessica had raised, and had proved to be loving and dependable. The next call to the airport reassured her that there was a seat available on the 7:30 flight to Quebec. "Daniela--No one would think to question her, and she's as sensible a choice as I could hope for," she thought. No one thought of them as close friends; they had only met a few months before, but had clicked immediately. Daniela had been an attorney before she "retired" to move next door. The baby was just a month old, and Daniela had neither the time nor inclination to go out yet. Jessica desperately needed someone she could trust, and her new neighbor was the logical choice.

Several hours later the taxi arrived. Jessica hugged the babies and hurried through the rain to the waiting car. She had memorized Daniela's number, who in turn knew where her friend planned to stay. If she didn't call at the prearranged intervals, Daniela would contact the authorities immediately.

Jessica looked up at the blackening sky. Rain had brought good luck before. "Please, Lord, I think I'm going to need that luck now!"
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She was very happy to sleep for the few hours on the plane. Jessica get quite nervous as the plane was touching down. She had no protection, really. Yes, her parents knew basically where she was coming, and Daniela knew about as much as she did, but here she was in a foreign country, no weapons since the airline won't even let you bring on nail clippers, meeting someone who had already put Mark in the hospital and who threatened my family. What was I thinking? she wondered.

A tall, imposing limo driver met me at the gate holding a sign with my name on it. They collected her luggage and went to the limo in silence. Maybe it was just because she was so tired, but she found it difficult to stop myself from laughing. This guy reminded her of Lurch from the Addams Family, very stiff and silent. OK, so he wasn't green or anything, but the resemblance was there.

The privacy shield was up in the limo when Jessica entered the back. As soon as they were underway, she buzzed the driver.

"Yes, you rang?" God, his voice was even deep like Lurch. She used all her willpower to stop giggling. This really was serious after all.

"Where are we going?"

"To your hotel."

"Oh, great. I'm staying at The Comfort Inn on..."

"You will be staying at the Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac, your reservations have been made."

"I really wasn't planning on spending that much. Can we just go to the Comfort Inn in Ste. Foy?"

"Your bill will be taken care of. You also have dinner reservations, where you will dine with Jacques. If there is nothing else, Madame?"
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Mark could barely find the strength to open his eyes. What was that beeping sound? Where in the world am I??? And why do I feel like I've been run over by a train? Too many questions, and so far....no answers. And he really wished that whoever was breathing in his face would back up!

"Mark honey", his mom whispered "Can you hear me?"

In a more frantic voice, she turned around and snapped "Get the doctor!" to no one in particular.

The trip was taking it's toll on her and no one seemed to want to explain how in God's name her son had ended up in a hospital and, worse of all, in such a state. And who was this "Jessi" that he kept calling in his sleep?

Miles away....Jessica could only think of one thing: Mark. She hoped he was okay. The limo pulled up to the front doors of the Chateau Frontenac and Lurch (I mean....from what the name tag reads: Henri) opening her door brought Jessica's thoughts back to the harsh reality of things.
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Jessica exited the limo and glanced up at the beautiful structure. The stone towers rose high into the almost black sky; it was a beautiful castle, nestled on a cliff in the old city, fortress-like in its strength. Memories, made vague by the years and a deliberate attempt to forget, flooded back without welcome. A young romance had died here with the tragedy that had come upon two beautiful young lovers. "Oh, please," she thought, "don't let me see the river tonight. I'm too exhausted." The concierge called a young man to take Mlle.'s luggage and directed him to take her to the Frontenac Premier room, # 1002.

Although she was not naive, not easily impressed by material things, Jessica was appreciative of her surroundings. Jacques had provided her with a large, gracious room, decorated like an elegant French country estate. Gold leaf graced the decorative plaster carvings which nestled in the high corners of the walls, and velvets and satins draped the bed with elegance. The deep burgundy of the drapes hid the view. Cautiously, Jessica stepped over to the drapes and pulled one aside slightly. Looking down she saw the rippling image of the moon reflected in the St. Lawrence River. A tear escaped the corner of her eye and made its way down her cheek.
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Jessica had been in Canada studying the art museums for summer credit for college. Phillipe was part of the same study group, and interned at the same museum. What started as study partners, discussing the art, soon blossomed into a passionate romance. They spent countless hours strolling along the St. Lawrence River hand in hand. She even considered marrying him, which was completely against her nature at the time.

Phillipe had one side that concerned her, though. He wouldn't talk about his family at all. He was especially defensive about his brother Jacques. All he would say about him was "I hope you never meet him." She did overhear one conversation Phillipe had with Jacques, and she could tell they were arguing about her. The conversation ended with Phillipe yelling into the phone "I am not your lackey. I have a life, and I have a girl, and I love that girl. As far as I'm concerned, I no longer have a brother!"

They spent one more wonderful night together, even though Phillipe was nervous the whole time. They enjoyed each other as much as they could, with an urgency that Jessica couldn't quite understand.

Phillipe disappeared the next day. His body was found in the St. Lawrence River a week later.
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All the evidence had pointed towards Jessica. Someone had intentionally planted the "weapon" in her room and then had secretly paid the cleaning lady to cause a disturbance when she stumbled across it. The plan almost worked and had they not performed the autopsy that determined the exact time of death, Jessica may have been charged with murder while the real murderer roamed the streets a free man...or was it a woman?

What this person did not know at the time was that Jessica had spent the last wee hours of the night in the emergency ward. Actually, no one knew this until later that morning when she had shyly explained to the authorities that she had quietly slipped out of her hotel room after becoming terribly ill. It was determined that the meal she had enjoyed earlier that evening contained oysters, to which she was deathly allergic.

The memories of that evening brought a bittersweet smile to her lips. No wonder she had not paid attention to her meal...

The time of his death was determined to be 2:37am that same evening. And as far as she was aware...his murder had remained unsolved. The thought of his body remaining afloat for 7 days made her shudder.

To top it all off and make matters worse...the cleaning lady had mysteriously disappeared shortly after.

The telephone jolted Jessica back to the present.
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Jessica walked over to the phone, hoping her rusty French skills would be adequate to get her through this call, not to speak of this puzzling and dangerous situation. "Hello," she answered, and breathed a sigh of relief when the voice on the other end of the line spoke in English.

"Hello, Mlle. I see that you have arrived safely. Good. Now, you have not forgotten our dinner date, have you?"

"I assume then that you are Jacques? If so, you know I have just arrived within the last hour, and had a long trip. I don't know you, or what you want, I have no reason to trust you, and I'm exhausted. I cannot meet you tonight. It's far too late." It all poured out like water from a pitcher. Jessica had to get out of dinner this evening. She was not lying; she was exhausted. More than that, she felt it necessary to make some calls to ensure her own safety. Mark's condition was on her mind constantly, and she felt reassuring her parents was absolutely necessary. Dad had been through enough in the past five years.

Jacques answered rather abruptly, "You managed to elude me once before, young lady. It won't happen again. Meet me for lunch tomorrow then at 220 Champagne St. in the old city. Be there at 1:00 without fail. How is your young friend by the way?"

"I'll be there," she answered and put the phone down quietly. "That is the same street mentioned in the note, and very close to the destination mentioned. He must think I am far better acquainted with the city than I am," she thought. It was all confusing, but the threat to Mark was obvious. Grateful for the extra time, she decided that the call to Daniela had to be first. Until then no one knew where she was or what danger might await at 220 Champagne St., Quebec.
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She made her phone call to Daniela's cell phone and gave her all the pertinent information about where she was and what her plans were. They intentionally kept it short and sweet knowing there was a good chance that Jessica's phone was tapped. Didn't mention any names, places or anything to give anyone listening any clue as to who Daniela was. The point was as much to let Daniela know Jessica was all right, as to let the people listening know that someone knew where Jessica was, and what she was doing.

To Daniela, it felt like she was in one of the mysteries she loved reading. She knew that there were real lives at stake, but couldn't help feeling exitement at the whole situation. Nothing like this ever happened to her, and it was a nice distraction from taking care of her new baby.

Daniela called the hospital and asked for Mark's room, just in case he had regained consciousness. A very groggy male answered the phone.
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"What Now??" the voice barked at Daniela causing her to drop the phone. Although he was still groggy from the medication, he did not appreciate the phone waking him up from his deep sleep.

"Cccould I please speak to Mark" she stammered.

"Speaking..." he said. For a moment, he wasn't quite sure where he was or what he was doing holding a phone.

The constant, annoying, beeping of the machines that were hooked up to him brought him back to the present. Darn! Why in the world was he still here? He had places to go, things to do...

"Mark, I have some information to pass on to you regarding Jessica. Please listen carefully as I can only remain on the line for a few minutes".

Daniela prayed Mark would pay careful attention to what she had to say. Personally, she did not agree to Jessica's decision but, who was she to judge? There had to be a reason for what she was about to tell Mark. This phone call was basically to make Mark aware that Jessica was well, but in no way was it the actual truth as to where Jessica was and what was going on. Why Jessica wanted the truth hidden from Mark was beyond Daniela's comprehension. As far as what she was about to tell him, her heart ached at the thought of the impact of her news.

Taking a deep breath, Daniela began.....
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"Mark, Jessica asked me to call. She hopes you won't judge her too harshly, but she has been seeing someone for a few months now, and they are vacationing together. She said to tell you she wishes you a very quick recovery, and perhaps she'll be in touch when they get back." Daniela was glad of her training as an attorney. A trial is very much like being on stage. In court she had learned to be convincing. Her client's freedom often depended on it.

"Who is this?" Mark asked, suddenly wide awake. "That's a crock!"

" I prefer not to say; that's all I can tell you. I'm sorry you're upset, but I have to hang up." Daniela hung up the phone. She wished she could tell Mark the truth, but his safety was at stake, and she had given Jessica her word.

Mark put his call light on. "When can I get out of here?" he asked the nurse when she arrived. He felt certain the caller had been lying. He tried to sit up, but the pain in his ribs was excruciating, and he knew he would not like the answer the nurse would give him. Nevertheless, he had to leave. He knew Jessica. She was not a duplicitous person, and she had not been seeing another man. So, why the lies?
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Jessica had the valet hail a taxicab to take her to lunch. Nervous was an understatement. If this Jacques was Phillipe's brother, she had nothing but bad memories about him. He made a token appearance at Phillipe's funeral, but didn't even bother speaking with his parents or any of the guests. Even though she only saw him for a few minutes his face was etched into her memory. It was often the face she saw in her nightmares. His face was like a preliminary chisling of marble, stark and angular. At that time he had longer hair, just below shoulder length, as was the style, but it didn't fit. It was thin, blonde and straight, and hung like a bad Halloween wig. He had high cheekbones, thin lips, and an angular, jagged nose, obviously broken too many times. There were two features of Jacques she would never forget. First was the scar that traveled from the right outer edge of his lip up to the eye. The second was those dark eyes with the icy stare that he gave everyone, as if wishing death to everyone he saw.

As Jessica pulled up to the restaurant, she saw a thin man casually leaning against the building by the door, smoking a cigarette. His stance said that he owned the world. He glaced toward the taxi when it pulled to a stop, and chills ran up her spine. It was him.
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The taxi driver glanced at "madamoiselle" and then quickly followed her gaze to the lone male figure leaning against the wall.

"Would you like I wait here?" he asked her gently. There was no mistaking his french accent and although he struggled with his english, he was extremely proud of the fact he had completed a whole sentence without anyone's assistance.

For a fleeting moment, he felt compassion for this strange lady. She seemed terrified of something and he had a sudden urge to protect her. From what? He had no idea. Before he could say anything else, she replied. "No thank you sir, I shall be fine".

He shrugged his shoulders, thanked her for the cab fare and watched her walk slowly towards the man in question.

When Jessica came face to face with Jacques, he asked only one question: "Did anyone follow you here?"
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