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It's just too cold

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Cassie came inside tonight! I was letting out the dog and she just slipped right in the door. I left her in to see what she'd do while the dog did her thing outside. Cassie just walked around and settled down on the rug by the kitchen door. I put her food bowl in there and gave her a softer rug to sleep on, which she has snuggled right into already! She is quite the little cuddle bunny, too. When I sat on the floor, she climbed right into my lap and purred like crazy!

Sophie Grace is NOT happy, so they are still separated by the kitchen door. I'm sure Cassie will want to go back outside in the morning, but it's nice to know she's safe and warm tonight!
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That is SO WONDERFUL!! At least there is one more cat warm & safe tonight. Please give Sophie Grace a scritch from me - I understand - I'm the jealous type myself Susan
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What a smart little girl Cassie is! I'm glad she is moving in. Hopefully she will stay inside more and more!
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I always feel terrible for all the cats that are out in the cold. I hope Cassie remains inside with you and enjoys being warm.
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lisalee, Oh, so do I!!
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Cassie has been coming inside every night this week. I find her waiting by the door around 4 p.m. to come in and eat and cuddle. The lady that gave her to me said that she never used a litter box, but I put one out for her, just in case. Last night, she used it! (funny the things we get excited about when we love cats, isn't it? lol)

I need to take her in and make sure she's up to date on all of her shots for anything that could be transferred to Sophie, since it's obvious that Cassie is going to be an inside/outside cat. Which vaccinations should she definitely have? I'll check with my vet, of course, but was curious in the meantime. They are still separated, with Sophie in the house and Cassie on the back enclosed porch (part of the house, sort of like a mudroom).

Oh, and the lady I got her from called me just the other day to check on her. Cassie is really one fortunate little girl, so many people love her!
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Wonderful! Its nice to know someone is taking care of Cassie so well!!

I only wish my feral Maj. Grey could get the hang of that!

He comes in and sits just inside the basement slider - so of course I can't get to it to close, LOL. We're working on the trust though... sooner or later it'll happen. I just wish it was sooner cause it's really cold here, and he
isn't using the shelters I put out... SIGH.

Maybe was scared out of his shelter
who knows. Supposed to snow storm tonite, so everyone who would, please
say a prayer that Maj. Grey will be a sensible boy and go in one of the
2 shelters in the yard and sleep in there!!! Close to his food source,

Nice warm, sheltered and no drifts!

(Last bit of snow storm he slept on a cushion in open air, under the deck next to patio door. He was completely dry (no snow thru the deck, once covered with snow... and he seemed as toasty as could be, but it wasn't too cold and there was no wind that night...
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