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New mom

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We have a new kitty at work and in a couple weeks she's about to be a new mom! She's a beautiful siamese mix with the prettiest blue eyes. Her name is Coors and she is getting bigger by the day. We're figuring the first week in April she'll have the babies and I'm so excited. We are going to spay her after she has the kittens and they are all weened and we'll find a great home for her and her babies. I'll keep you guys posted.
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Sounds exciting!! In just a little while, you'll have your hands full!!! I remember when a friend of mine had a pregnant cat and when she gave birth, I was there. Absolutely amazing to see. Good luck to your kitty!!
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Is she wild? How old is she? If she is a younger cat, you might want to get her into the vet to have her checked. Younger kitties sometimes have a lot of trouble bearing young. She sounds pretty, hopefully all will go smoothly.
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No she's not wild and she can't be much more than a year old.
And she is at the vet That's where I work. We always have a couple mamma kitties come in to be adopted out a year and this is our first for this year.
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Oh good! I'll quit worrying now..........
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Awww! how precious...let us know how everything goes.
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Well she couldn't be in better hands, then!! I can't wait to hear about the kitties!!
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I bet they will be gorgeous! Any chance we could have a pic when they are born?????????
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