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D.C. Pics!

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Well, I got back from my business trip to Washington D.C. on Friday. Unfortunately, I was very sick for the majority of the trip, so I did not get to do much except attend the advocate conference. I did, however, manage to go to Arlington Cemetary (it was just a few blocks from our hotel!) during our lunch break on Thurs. and then took a trolley tour Thurs. night. Here are some of the pics that turned out well (I apologize for the quality; most of these were taken from a trolley at night!)

Here's the Iwo Jima statue. It is HUGE! It is currently undergoing renovations.

The mansion on the hill at Arlington:

Mary and Robert Todd Lincoln's tomb:

A few of the gravestones at Arlington (we ran out of time before getting to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier):

Our view of D.C. just one mile from our hotel in Arlington:

More coming!
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Now for some nighttime pictures!
A statue of FDR (conducting a "fireside chat") at the new FDR memorial

Me at the FDR memorial:

The Christmas wreaths at Union Station:

And the National Christmas (Holiday?) Tree:


Washington's newest memorial, the Korean War Memorial (the wreath at the memorial is written in Korean!):

And the Washington Memorial at night:

D.C.'s an amazing town!
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Great photos! So cool to see them, especially since I was just there in October.
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Great pics Amy! I really liked Union Station - my goodness, there were just too many choices of food there! I opted for indian, naturally.

I really loved the Korean Memorial as well - it is really beautiful and I liked that they put the faces of the soldiers instead of just names, granted there weren't as many deaths in Korea as Vietnam but I felt it was more personal.

I too didnt get to see too much of DC as I would have liked but it was better than nothing, aye.

I hope you are feeling a whole lot better!!!
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Nice pics Amy! I am glad you enjoyed your time in town. Sorry you had to spend most of it sick though. boo.
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Great pics! Sorry you were sick
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I loved union station! There was all kinds of food in the bottom of it, and the body shop and godiva mmmmmmmmmmm We ate breakfast there at the little bread and coffee shop down past the body shop. Did you get to visit the tomb of the unkown solider? I bet the town looked so pretty with christmas decorations!

Hope you feel better and I am glad that you had a great time!
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Hey, thats my hometown!!! I wish I could move back. Haven't been there since 2003, but hopefully will go up for a visit in Jan. Did you see the "Exorcist Steps" in Georgetown?
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sorry you got sick, whenever i go anywere cool like florida i get sick due to change in surroundings or something.
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Great pictures Amy! Such a shame you weren't well though. How was the conference?
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
And the Washington Memorial at night:

D.C.'s an amazing town!
Sorry that you were sick Yes, DC certainly looks like an amazing town! Thanks for the great pictures. Btw, is that memorial one of the needles from Egypt? I know there's a few about the place (there's one in London too) or am I being silly?
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Gosh I`m sorry that you had to be sick on your trip....but I sure did enjoy your photos!
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The conference was great. It was so fun to meet the other advocates and finally meet my supervisor in-person!
I started feeling better Thursday, in time for the trolley ride.
Gilly, that is the Washington Memorial. It does look a LOT like those Egyptian towers though, doesn't it?
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Those are great pictures!
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My sis lives about 90 miles south of DC I've only been to the Smithsonian Aerospace Museum so far... I hear you about getting sick. When I went to Vegas in october I had a massive headache one day-I think due to the lack of humidity and not enough fluids!!
But you got some sight-seeing in thought!!
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