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I ran!

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I just witnessed a fight this arvo - two maori blokes fighting and one stomped the other on the head - right in front of me. I did all I could - run. They both did walk away eventually but I was not going to get caught up in their stuff - I just hope it didn't get worse after I ran away because later I did see police cars going in the direction that they were walking. Egads!
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I think you did the right thing!!!
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That's scary! Running is a goooooood idea in those situations!!!!
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There's too many fights for my liking in our country these days!
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kellye I would have run too!
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You did the right thing. You could have gotten hurt!
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Yeah, what could you do? You'd just get hurt if you tried to intervene. I'd run too.
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Scary! Will the police be looking for witnesses in case it got too violent?
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eep! Glad your alright! and Runnign was your best option!
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Yeah, running is good! My sensei, who is an amazing fighter, always tells us that the first and best option is to avoid conflict, and if that means running or even acting like a coward to convince the aggressor you aren't worth the trouble, then that's what you should do! The best self defence is common sense. Smart choice!
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hmm, i just got to my parents now, my mum told me someone got murdered upstairs last night there were abotu 15 police cars outside the house
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Well, of course you did the right thing, Kellye...If I am not mistaken, Maori's are extremely tough characters so there isn't a thing you could have or should have done...(Ok, I only saw the cultural issues of the Maoris through that excellent and sad Indie movie of which the name now eludes me....)

That reminds me of when I saw three gang members chasing an older guy down the street. One ended up jumping into the air and kicking the guy in the back of the head, knocking him down where they all then proceeded to kick him into unconsciousness.
Now, there is no way its sensible to break up this type of fight. But what I did was acted like I didn't even care or notice and turned the corner, while sneaking a cel phone out to call 9-1-1..
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i always call the police from a safe spot where they cant see me!
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Kellye, what does maori mean?
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Our native people. My grandmother was a maori so I have no qualms about saying what I really think of some of them. Not all of them though.

The movie you are tihnking of is Once Were Warriors. That was quite brutal wasn't it???
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Oh thanks, Kellye! Yes, I just absolutely loved that film. It affected me for many months afterwards, it was that powerful...So tragic and moving..I can't believe I forgot the name after all these years..
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