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Two older cats

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My girlfriend moved in at the beginning of July & brought her cat. I think her cat is about 10 years old & was in a house that had two other cats. My girlfriends cat was the most submissive of the three. I already had a cat as well that is almost 6 years old & has never been around other pets & has always been very skittish. I don't think we did the right things to try & introduce them together & for going on 6 months now they simply do not get along. My cat hisses, her cat stalks. This is constantly. Most recently I put up a baby gate (my girlfriend's cat is fat & lazy, hehe) & won't jump it. It does give my cat some solitude but now it's to the point where she NEVER comes out & of course when my girlfriend's cat is active she hangs around the baby gate being antagonistic. Is there anything we can do to reverse this problem & get the cats to co-exist? I don't think my cat should be a prisoner in her own house & we're considering sending her cat back to her uncle's house.

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Are both cats female? Older female cats are the least likely to adjust to each other. Even when they don't fight, they can have a profound effect on each other. My cat Lexi -- who actively did not get along with her male companion kitty, Minsheng -- seemed absolutely indifferent to my roommate's female kitten, Minou. Lexi was also passive, and over time became more quiet and more withdrawn. But she never interacted much with Minou, good or bad. She just had frequent, grumpy scuffles with Minsheng. Surprise, surprise, several years later, when Minou moved out, Lexi changed almost overnight, becoming much more outgoing and vocal again, even though she still had Minsheng plaguing her. Also, about two years ago, we had to rescue Samantha from my sister's all-female house because the fighting escalated over the nine months she was there until the youngest one day ripped Sam's third eye lid, requiring surgery. Today, Sam is finally at peace living with my three males. In fact, she has a massive crush on my alpha male Reno.

If both of the cats are female, I suspect giving one to your fiance's uncle may be a wise choice all around. Hope this helps.
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I have 2 females.Blaze is around 7 months old and Neela is also 7 months old.At first Blaze would hiss at Neela and Neela would hide.Now, both girls run through the house playing and even use the same litter box once in a while.
I'm not sure about older females.Maybe try and re-introduce them and see if that helps.Good luck
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Yes, both cats are spayed females.
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