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Kitty Twit and Big Bridget, the Rottie

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Alas--I knew I should not have started to browse on this particular forum. It brings back my loss of 2/25/99. At that time, fifteen minutes after I had left home for class, a fire broke out in my home--faulty wiring in an automatic Mr. Coffee, by the way. My 12 and 1/2 year old Siamese, TWit and 3 y/o Rottie died of smoke inhalation. They were unable to get through the dog door in time, although my German shepherd dog did. The firemen said they found the 125 pound Rottie and the 7 pound Siamese curled up next to each other in the kitchen. Caringly, they placed the two outside together under a white blanket. Twit adopted that Rottie as a two month old puppy. She was a predatory kitty--the roadkill would invariably end up under my bed, but always gentle with the puppies.....

I just joined this forum because I have finally decided to get another Siamese. I do have another Rottie now and a Golden. Am on a Siamese kitten waiting list with a breeder here in Denver and should have one in about two and 1/2 months.

My condolences to all who have lost their beloved feline--and canine pals...I lost nearly all my possessions in the fire, but nothing was so devastating as the loss of TWit and Big Bridget. TwitEm@aol.com
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I am so sorry about your devastating loss. My sister lost her two precious kitties in a fire a few years back, and it still brings tears to my eyes at times. Possessions can be replaced, but never our precious fur babes love. I am very thankful that you are finding it in your heart to open your home to more animals.
God speed......
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You know, this forum is always the first I come to visit here... Although it reminds me each time of my own losses, this is somewhere where we can try to help a little each other.

I feel so sad for your story... but I am sure they are loved in your heart like on the first day...

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What a sad sad story..... Im sure you find just as much joy with your new additions, Lots of love and hugs to you.
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