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I broke my toe :-(

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Why? Why did I have to break it! I have been doing so well, going to the gym 4x weekly for the past month, making some progress with my weight, and now? Broken toe. ARGH!!!

It happened the more stupid and uninteresting way too. My heavy cutting board flipped in the air and the corner landed right on my fourth toe. I had immediate pain and swelling and discoloration, so I iced it all night. I can't even weightbear on it this morning.

To top it all off, Tola has no food, I was going to get up early to go get her some, go shopping, go to work - and instead I just gave her tuna and told her to wait! LOL. Now i have to hobble over there as best i can, and hobble up to work. no shopping i guess which means no new jacket, which means, going through another week hating the jacket i'm wearing.

all in all, just poopy. lol.
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that sucks hopefully your toe gets better fast..
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Yikes, painful! I did that 30 years ago when an oxygen cylinder fell on it. Hope you feel better soon and manage to get some cat food! Can someone help you with shopping?
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No, no one can help me. But I love right downtown, so everything is about 2 minutes away from me, and work is a 5 min bus ride. No problem.....
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That hurts! One of my parents' dogs broke my toe by jumping on it (he was very fat). I hope it stops bothering you soon.
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I broke my baby toe does that ever hurt!! I wish you a speedy recovery!
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sounds like you had a really bad day there! Sorry to hear about that - but it's good to hear you're taking it all in your... uhm... stride. That sentence wasn't really well thought out was it.... Nevermind, at least you got your fuzzy company to make it okay, even if she has no food!! I'm sure she wasn't complaining about tuna though! Get well soon!
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Don'tchya hate it when it's due to your own blunder? I broke my toe once getting out of the shower, on the tub! Man, I felt dumb! Hope you heal fast and Tola is patient! I'm sure she loves the tuna better anyway...
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I broke my toe about four months ago. It still hasn't healed and it drives me nuts.
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Wow, lotta broken toed people on here!
jcat, that must've been one big dog!
Heal soon journey & wellingtoncats. You know Sam, the best thing for broken bones is a nice big bag of Jaffas!
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I rolled out of bed a few years ago, expecting to put my foot down on carpeted floor, and landed instead on a cat looking for his mind. He yelped. I yelped. All he got was a surprise, I got the rainbow toe.

Hope yours heals quickly. It's a real nuisance!
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I broke my BIG toe 6 years ago in a car accident. I was more upset that I totalled my car. You should tape it to your other toes, and maybe put some cotton in between, and take ibuprofen. The only other thing I could suggest is if you go to the market, ask to use the carts they have for old people. I did that once - I can tell you they are pretty slow. Try not to walk too funny on it, you will end up cramping your foot. Also experiment with what shoes are the most comfortable-the doc told me ot wear sturdy soles. I liked wearing sandals, but be caerful no one steps on your toe again!
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DH stepped on my foot two years ago and broke my little toe. Graceful couple, I know. Hurt like heck! Hope yours heals quickly!
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I have broken all 10 toes, twice! lol Lets, see. I dropped a maul on a couple of them....
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