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kittens scared of our dogs??

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Hello! My husband and I just adopted 2 kittens on Friday. We already have 2 pugs. When we had been talking about getting the kittens, we expected the dogs to have issues with them. Well, we brought the kittens home and sporadically introduced them to the dogs. The kittens completely freaked out and started hissing at the dogs and spit at them. The dogs just watched, and started barking at them. This has been going on for 2 days now. I know it hasn't been that long of a time, but it is frustrating. We got the kittens from one of my friends whose cat had a litter. My friend also has two other cats that always hissed at the kittens and did not really like the mom cat. So we kind of think that maybe this is where the kittens learned to hiss at the bigger animals? Is it normal for the kittens to be so freaked out about the dogs? Will they learn to stop being so scared? So any help would be great. Sorry this is long. Thanks!!!!
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Of course the kittens are scared of the dogs, in nature the two are enemies. If the dogs haven't been through basic obedience course, I suggest you do that now. If they have, then perhaps a refresher course is in order. Until then, keep the two away from each other, these kittens need to get used to YOU first. Their stress meter must now be on overload. Pugs are borderline with friendliness towards other pets. They will get used to each other, but it takes TIME.

This article may help-

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