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Brothers that fight rough

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Im really hoping that someone can help me out. Ive had my 2 cats since they were old enough to leave there mother. They are from the same litter and are both tom's. They are 2 1/2 years old. They have always got on fine. They used to play with each other and cuddle up to sleep together too.

About a year ago, Evo, the smaller cat of the 2 started to attack his much bigger brother mini. The attacks are really bad and very often when i wake up in the morning i will find blood and furr everywhere and the house will be a complete mess. Little Evo is the one that always starts the trouble but is also the one that comes off worse with cut to the head. His bigger brother will try and run away and hide to avoid the fights but evo will just follow him and fighting.

Most of the time they are fine together, but this happens about once evry 3 months or so and last for anything from 3-6 days then they seem to get on again. Poor Mini cant even sleep for fear of being pounced on.

If anyone has come across this behaviour before please help me out cos im sick of shutting mini in my bedroom on his own as thats not fair.
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Are they neutered? Unneutered toms will fight. Or they may be sick. You ought to take them to a vet ASAP and find out what is wrong.
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Neutering these tomcats would help and be in the best interest of their health as well.
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Yeah Mini who gets picked on is neuated but when i took evo the bully to be neuated the vet told me that he had already been done (which is not possible as i have not had it done and i checked with the lady i got them from) Its driving me mad. they seem in good health
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Hmm- I would take him to another vet for a second opinion. Besides, the one cat being pounced on could be sick- cats when they become ill, their scent changes, and because cats are scent driven, the other cat(s) do not recognize the other one's smell and fights happen.

There are ways to calm the situation down. First, feed from separate bowls, have separate litter pans, don't let the cats share anything.

Invest in a couple Comfort Zone Room Diffusers by Farnum Pet and plug those into the rooms used most by the cats.

Look into the different Rescue Remedies and start putting it in the water.

I would keep them separated if it were until you get to the reason why the fights are starting.

Excellent books to get- Outwitting Cats by Wendy Christensen, hiss-n-tell by Pam Johnson Bennett- or her other one- cat-vs-cat

You also might think about hiring a cat behavorist to come in and look at the situation.
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