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How long does a cat's pregancy last?
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The average gestation period for a cat is 58 to 68 days, the average usually falling somewhere in between that time period.
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Bad Habit is right. We take 9 months, give or take, and they take 9 weeks. Are we expecting, Debra?
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Yup, Jeanie we are!!! My feral moma Goldie is very round! I trapped her about 1 month ago or so. She is inside ensconsed int he big kitty condo and getting more social every day - as well as BIGGER!!
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My kids brought in a black and white cat who was up a tree, not knowing that our collies had raised two kittens. She was about 7 months old, and very purry and sweet. We tried to find her real home, to no avail. Then she began to baloon out-and out-and outer-and outest!! She had six kittens and one little paw when I left for a college class. When I got home, I ran in to meet #7! Well, it was still only a paw, so off to the vet we went-for a caesarean. $250 later, we arrived home. That was Checkers, who hated me! I think I told you about her. It didn't matter; she was such a character; I enjoyed having her--the little gold digger!!(She ignored me, loved the kids.)
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