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kitten panting when running around. help!!!

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We just noticed our 7 month old kitten panting after running around like a crazy cat after the laser pointer. He didn't seem tired, He just started panting, but still wanted to play. Can anyone tell me what this might be a sign of? We thought earlier in his life that we noticed him wheezing a bit.

Thanks. Rebecca
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does he stop soon after play is over??? My Zoey pants while all rilled up and then settles down, her vet said it is normal
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It means you are tiring him out with the laser point, so just slack off a bit. If he continues open mouth panting long after he has rested, he could have asthma or a heart problem- but more than likely you just ran him ragged after his toy
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I would deffinatly take him to a vet to have his heart listened to. My cat has a severe heart murmur and would exhibit what they call a cardiac cough. Usually she would start out by weezing and then would begin to 'cough' which sounded like really loud weezing not really like a cough. If you've already taken him to a vet then they probably would have heard it if it was serious enough to cause the symptoms you described. My cat will also pant while tierd and will lay down to play with her toys instead of standing up and running around when she's tierd.
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I got a new toy for my kitties last weekend and Hope loves it and will do all kinds of flips in the air for it. In the last week when playing iwth the toy she also has started panting and breathing heavily while we are playing. I got pretty concerned too. Maybe it is just over exertion but I haven't seen my other kitties do this. She usually takes a break then starts playing again. My ohter kitties aren't as acrobatic as she is either htough...
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My Cleo pants when we play with the Cat Dancer. It seems to be a combination of the cardio workout of playing with that particular toy, and the way she gets all excited about it. She LOVES that thing. If she starts panting I give her time to rest before playing with her again.
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I've never seen my kitties pant. They obviousely don't get hyped up enough. Lol.
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My Lucy pants everyonce in a while when she plays with a toy she just loves. Your kitty probably just got a workout from it and just needed to get a quick rest before playing again.
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it is a norm for a kitten (10mths n below) to be a lil bit hyper. with all the energy gush out, this lil fellows need to 'recuperate'. so panting is basicly normal but u need to observe how soon he is catching his breath. usually a 5mins panting shud be norm...

but some kittens wud juz be so active that they dun bother to catch their breath properly. u can put him in a cage n wait for him to relax n then let him out...
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Our Rusty would sometimes cough and lay on his belly with his legs sticking out all over with his mouth hanging open after tearing around. I took him in to get checked over when he got his shots and the vet said his heart sounded good but to watch him.

That was a few months ago, he is about 1 year old now and getting to be a big kitty but I have not seen him have a hard time getting his breath in a long time now. Maybe now that he is older he is a little more calm, but he still tears around like he always did. We also went from cheap cat food to Nutro indoor, maybe that has helped in some way.

He is a nice kitty who is kinda shy but get him near some catnip and he is totaly the oposite. Any other cats come near his catnip and he runs them off so its all for him lol.
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Seth-chan gets worked up all the time over her toys and pants. If she gets too excited, I try to tone down the playsession a little bit
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If he stops doing it after a while, you're just tuckering him out. I do this with Napolean usually before bed, play with him until he's panting a little and really tired. Then I let him cool down, and we go to bed. It realy makes for an all night good sleep.
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Alfie has done this a couple of times too, he gets really energetic about a toy and leaps around like a loon, then lays down panting. I just leave him to cool off for a while before playing again.
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This is a worry our new kitten pants also she has had this since we got her she's very active but it doesn't make sense that she would pant after playing as little as she did. The vet asked us to contact the parents of the kitten to see if it's a trait from one of them. We never really got a straight answer all she said was that the parents are very active cats too. So here it is she's seven months old now and recovering from feline herpe, that she got from her parents she had it when we picked her up sadly the breeder never told us this had to find out on our own with vet bills. She was on pure lysine powder for over three months. While she was on the powder she didn't have very many episodes of panting like she does when she's off of it. I wonder if she has some congestion again? My DD says she can hear congestion but I can't. Sometimes I wonder if she has a tummyache and she runs around like a mad kitty making warrior cries. It's kind of shocking having kitties my whole life and never have any kitty that actually runs around making warrior cries! She does this when she runs upstairs and sees us she does it when she plays rough with my other cat she does it when she's feeling sassy.
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