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Amazing Race

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Anyone out there besides me think it highly unfair that Will decided not to wake up the sleeping grannies when they overslept? Was he that threatened by them, that he pulled such a stunt?
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I thought it was really crappy that he did that! I cannot believe that he can live with himself, and not feel totally guilty that they are eliminated now. And in part, I think its his fault. Although, I know they probably would not have made it much farther, but he was playing dirty.
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That was just down right nasty! I like him on the 1st show, but not anymore. I think my favs are the twins and the 2 new York roomies - they are just weird and that is what I like about them. It was sad to see the grannies go, but the game looked like it was hurting then physically.
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adymarie I agree with you! I can't rememember the name of the one with glasses, but last night I had to laugh as I heard him mumble under his breath at the airport. "if I had a laptop we would be on a plane right now!" I am hoping they will win. I felt so bad for the grannies, they played a good game!
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They were on the Today Show this morning, and said that someone turned off the alarm. I thought they said Blaine and Paige were the only ones there. They said they thought all the young people were great, except for one, and that would become obvious the longer we watched the show. I hope Blaine and Paige didn't do it. That would really be dirty pool!
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When they overslept and they first got up, I heard one of them say " they turned off the alarm"....I thought thats what they said at least.

IF they did, that is so crappy. They should be disqualified!!!

I know, its a game, but still, thats playing dirty in my opinion.
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Tonight is the two hour finale. Don't miss it!
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