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Alternatives for allergy treatments???

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Hello all! First let me apologize for this post being so lengthy.

I had posted a while back about Calvin our (estimated 10 year old) female (spayed) cat....she has had severe allergies in the past. Treatment then was prednisone shots. I had always been leary of this treatment, so really only brought her in for shots when her symptoms were to the point of needing treatment. Her last shot was over a year ago, now her symptoms are getting bad again....(new house=lots of dust, newly adopted dog=stress, well used to...she is getting use to him)

Recently I have switched her food to NB allergy formula and haven't seen any results. It has been about 2 months now.
Her symptoms are the following: watery eyes, loss of hair on her ears, brief reverse sneezing, loss of hair under her chin, her paw pads are horrible (she bites and licks them to the point where they bleed) and she has asthma attacks (brief).

I have looked at the sticky above for the nzymes and am wondering if anyone here has had any success for symptoms like Calvin's for their cats?

Also...are there any natural alternatives. We have a dog with yeast allergies and feed a wheat free diet along with yogurt etc.

I would really like to try something besides the prednisone.

Thank you!
Tina (and of course Calvin)
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Have you ever had her allergy tested??? has she had a senior panel???

do you know of a holistic type vet?? I would start there//
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I haven't had her allergy tested, but per the vet was told that it was environmental allergies, even tho he did put her on prescription food (IVD??) which led to a huge weight gain.

She did have a senior panel a couple years ago, when she had her teeth cleaned. Should I look for something specific in that record? If memory serves me correctly...she was within normal limits on everything.

I wish there were a holistic vet in town....so such luck
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I would get a senior panel ... find the old one it will help to spot any trouble ... I would recommend allergy tests or at least talk with the vet about the Rast( I think thats the name) it is a blood allergy test
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