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Vibes needed!!!

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My neighbor came over this after noon and said he needed me to take him to the vet NOW! I grabbed my carrier and went over to his house and we took Double Trouble aka Kitty Kat over to the vets now here is the sad part. My neighbor told me 2 weeks ago that his cat (inside/outside) had gotten into a fight and hurt his paw. I asked him if he needed me to take him to the vet ( he is unable to drive right now per dr. order) he said no that he could take care of himself and that he would be fine so i left it alone. well the other day i was over there after taking him grocery shoopping and noticed that the cat was limping and asked him if it was the same leg and he said yes. i told him he neded to take it to see the vet because it could get or already be infected he said no i have been putting medicine on it hes fine. at this point i was really upset but i didn't have the money or his permission to take him in myself. so today he said that the cat has been throwing up and pooping (reall runny) all over the place today and when he meowed at me when i picked him up it was very weak. i noticed a smell right away its a smell i know well after working alot in the hospitals it smelled like his wound had becomne septic. those who have smelled it know what im talking about. his poor paw has lost all fur and is all grossly swollen with dark green puss and blood coming out of it. i took him up there the vet right off the bat gave him 4 shots then said he neded to stay over the weekend he is going to have to give him iv fluids and more antibotics. please lets work a little magic and send healing vibes his way. he is a very special kitty to me. there was a neighborhood cat that used to live her and she kind of adopted my family she had a litter of kittens on my porch. this cat that is sick was the runt of that litter. he is also the only one that survived and his momma left one day and never came back so he has a really special place in my heart. im sorry this is so long ill go now
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Poor kitty! I hope the vets can work their magic and save this kitty.
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I will pray for him right now, and for you too. Hugs.
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prayers sent
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Get better real quick vibes being sent to the poor little kitty
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Oh, how sad! Sending happy healing vibes to you, your friend, and the kitty!!!!
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How terrible!!, many get well vibes are being sent his way!
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That's very fustrating whe you can't step in and do what you know is right.
Lots of vibes being sent for the poor kitty. {{{ }}}
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to your neighbor! and {{vibes}} to you and the kitty! Thank you for taking him in, and yes, I have smelled that before, it's gross! Poor kitty! I hope he feels better soon!
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Well we went to pick up kitty kat from the vets today he said that he was fine and that he didn't throw up or have nasty poopies all weekend!. He said that they had to clean out his foot and wrapped it for the weekend but when we picked him up they took it off and just gave my neighbor some medicine (im hoping he remembers to give it to him).
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Good Vibes
We are sending good vibes to this little kitty.
(((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))
Much love from Spitfire
Dandy, Daisy and Falcon (the Fell Pony)
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sending healing vibes to kitty kat..
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I'm glad Double Trouble, AKA kitty Kat is getting better! Good health vibes for his complete recovery!
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Poor kitty! Glad the owner finally took him to the vet.
I hope he makes a full recovery.
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sending healing vibes!!
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Lots of healing vibes coming to Kitty Kat.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Poor kitty! I hope the vets can work their magic and save this kitty.
.......poor kitty!

My prayers to him and my best wishes too!!!

Please Keep us updated about it!!!! ....
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Oh, I am so glad he seems to be improving! As a nurse, I do know that horrible smell, and that awful color. Ugh! Glad he is overcoming that wound! Thanks for being there for him and the ( ) neighbor.
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(((continue to get better vibes))) for Double Trouble!
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Poor little guy... sending love and light for him...
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