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Book explaining Paint Shop Pro X?

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My husband gave me my Xmas present yesterday, which was the above software. It includes a learning program, but I'm apparently too dumb to comprehend it. Can anybody recommend a book for "dummies" that spells out every step? I've only gotten as far as how you make backgrounds disappear, but not how you replace them.
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Tricia, I googled "Paint Shop Pro for Dummies" and got a bunch of hits, but only for versions up to 9 -- looks like they haven't got a new one out for verison 10 yet. Probably won't be long. I wonder if the one for version 9 would give enough help to get you past the initial learning curve?
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This is a very highly recommended company. Pay them a little visit and search for paintshop for for dummies (the 'Dummies' range of books are really good for beginners, really easy to follow).


They should be able to help you

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It's all done with layering. Also the older versions of Paint Shop Pro work basically the same as the newer versions. So you can look at the tutorials of the older versions and you'll get the idea. The newer versions of PSP are getting more and more like Photoshop which is a good thing, but still you basically do the same things in all of the programs.
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Thanks! I've just ordered "Paint Shop Pro 9 for Dummies" from amazon.de. I was hoping that there would be a German version, because the software is in German, but no such luck. One of the German PC magazines should come out with a tutorial soon, though.
I actually asked for Photoshop, because there is a really good book explaining all the steps in German, but hubby bought Paint Shop instead. Oh, well. He sometimes forgets that I'm not well-versed enough in computers (or technical German) to deal with German software without explicit instructions in German. I guess I should have ordered the software myself in English. I could have gotten in from the UK easily enough.
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