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My co workers apt burned yesterday!

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Yesterday I was at work and I got a call from a co worker, she was in tears and when I asked her what was wrong, she told me that her apt burned down! She was crying so badly but I managed to get from her that she got her sons out(7 and 1 1/2 years old) and her grandma and grandpa were fine but she doesn't have anything. I mean NOTHING! she is now living at a motel until they can find a place to go. (The red cross is helping them out so I think they might have some clothes but I'm not sure) I read the article in the paper today and it seems that noone in her building had renters insurance. From the way it sounded, I think one of her kids started the fire but I'm not positive. It said the lower east side, and I'm pretty sure that's where she lives. ANYWAY, can you please send some MAJOR vibes to her and her family. They have nothing and no where to go.
I am going to give her a gift certificate so that she can get her and her son some things and maybe some Xmas stuff. Feel so horrible!
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Sending lots of vibes... I had that happen to me when I was 24, lost a precious kitten in the fire. It's very devastating, all you want to do is go home but there's no home to go to.

As soon as she gets a new place things will feel a whole lot better, even tho it'll be empty. People are fabulous about helping when you've lost everything. Make sure she has everything she needs, like tooth brushes, deodorant, down to nail clippers. Even the very basic things we take for granted every day.

Next time you see her tell her it's a grand opportunity. She'll get all new things and can start all over... no clutter! It just really stinks that it happened right before Christmas.
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That is terrible!! The Red Cross will be able to help her quite a bit at least, but that still won't make up for losing so much. I can't even imagine having my apartment burned down, and I have good renters insurance. It terrifies me to think of that happening and my cats not getting out. Prayers for her and her family.
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How horrible! Huge good vibes that she gets the help she needs to get back on her feet again.

I guess that's part of the reason that beginning two years ago our management company started requiring proof of renter's insurance, of at least $50,000, before allowing anyone to sign their lease.
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That is really sad. I am sorry to hear about your friend. It must be awful.
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That's so scary, because it could happen to any of us at any time.
I'm so sorry for your friend.
Christmas time should be happy and now they are devastated.

Wishing Santa Claus was still around!!!!!!

Hope they find a bigger and better home of their own very soon and make new memories.
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