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Italian food

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Ok so im making Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner tonight and i dropped one of the uncooked noodles Ailey jumped on it like it was a mouse or something lol. I have never seen a aminal have a reaction like that. It was funny. I of course took it away from her I was afraid she would actually try to eat it. But i was wondering if anyone else had a cat that liked Italian food? lol
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mius the garlic onions and tomatoes maybe
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kaylee eats everything including asian food
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Leo thinks that the uncooked pasta I have exists simply to amuse him. I understand
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I had a cat that loved my mother's spaghetti. I read somewhere that some cats have a taste for tomatoes.
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My first cat Kit used to love spaghetti and sauce when my mom gave it to him.
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My cat loves food, period. Never has there been a more smoochy cat than when we're about to eat! Big suck up.
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My mom's boy, Dylan, loves to lick the sauce off the spaghetti, though now that I know garlic and onions are bad for cats, I won't be sharing with him anymore! He also likes peasoup.

My two, Clyde and Pearl, like cheese, sour cream, and corn... but the thing they love above all else is licking the orange stuff off my fingertips when I've eaten some cheese popcorn! They actually sit and wait when they see me eating it, ready to wash my hands for me when I'm done. :-)
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Reilly loves to play with uncooked pasta especially elbow macoroni!
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Garfield loved lasagna, didn't he? I actually had a client once tell us that she gave her cat lasagna as food every day because according to Garfield, that's what cats eat!
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Our cats will eat anything we're eating. They don't care what it is!!
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Sierra will lick the extra virgin olive oil off pasta
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Originally Posted by Ellen55
I had a cat that loved my mother's spaghetti. I read somewhere that some cats have a taste for tomatoes.
arent tomatoes posionous for cats?
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teufel likes spaghetti al pesto and olives
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Yes, tomatoes are not good for cats. I don't know if there is a safe amount they can eat or if they are bad in any amount...
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green tomatoes are poisonous for cats if i remember correct and a small amount of the red stuff in foods is ok
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mine try to eat my zuppa everytime i make it
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My beloved Siamese, Susie, lived to be 13 yrs. old and she loved Spaghetti and Balls. She had to have her own serving every time I made it and it was pretty spicy.

Our Ebony was the same - he would meow and beg for spaghetti and meatballs so his dish was prepared before we sat down to eat.
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What's zuppa?
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Oh, Jazzy? He will eat bread, cookies, butter, ketchup, rice, chips, cheese and more....
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