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I just discovered Marlee will play fetch with me! Haha, its the cutest thing! I had heard some Manx cats would do it, now I know she can. My BF had just bought a new DVD and handed me the paper insert that came with it. I balled up the paper (which Marlee loves to chase) and threw it, then sat down in the floor. She ran and grabbed it, then brought it back to me! We played for about 10 minutes til she started looking a little tired, and I wanted to come tell you all on here, cause it was just the cutest! Anyone else have kitties who will do this?
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Yes ma'am! The first time I tossed a little foam ball for my Pearl, she chased it down and carried it back to me, making sweet little chirping noises all the way. I could hardly believe it! She was only five months old, a stray I got from the SPCA... but she was already one heck of a ballplayer!

Now she brings me a ball when she wants to play... and she often drops them on me when I'm asleep, so I wake up in a little nest of foam balls she's collected during the night. What a darlin' she is!

She's not a Manx, though... in fact, her tail is so extravagant that I call her Pearl The Squirrel. :-)
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I still haven't figured out how to get Seth-chan to fetch! She's got a little maine coon in her (that or forest cat), so we thought maybe she would have figured it out by now. But, for now, she likes to drag her prey away under the futon and thump it like crazy!!!
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I've had several rex kittens who were natural born retrievers and would wear you out in playing fetch!

The one "Tomm E Hawk" a red tabby/white was a super fetcher. He would not stop - you had to put the toy away.

Anyway he went to a show home in Pennsylvania (friends of mine wanted him). He actually taught some of their cats how to play fetch
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Bella plays fetch sometimes. Generally at about 5 AM, when I'm throwing mousies off of the bed so she'll stop pouncing on me. It's kinda cute in an annoying way.

She's played fetch twice when I wasn't trying to sleep, though. It is very cute.
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I think its a natural thing - not something you can really teach like a dog.

But some breeds seem to catch on faster or are more natural - rexes, maine coons and turkish angoras are big fetchers in my experience.
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Charlotte usually brings me her favorite toy (a thick, old scrunci hair tie) when she wants to play. She expects me to throw it and often she brings it back for me to toss again.

Last week when I was sitting at the computer, I heard her making her play noises. I figured she was entertaining herself or playing with Izzie. Then, I felt this slap on my lower back and a "play" noise from Charlotte. I looked back and saw Charlotte peeking around a box in play stance! Izzie wasn't even in the room so I knew she was very much trying to get MY attention.

I'm convinced I have a very smart cat and one that communicates well with her human.
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Aww! Arent kitties just too cute? So far she seems to like playing fetch the most with balled up paper, straws, and a syring w/ no needle (from when I had to force feed her meds). Strange huh?
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Kandie does or well did at 17.5 she pefers watching me now

Zoey will go and get but not bring back..
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Bijou brings a toy and drops it at our feet waiting for us to throw it for him. He'll go retrieve it and bring it back until he tires of chasing it.
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Sabina, my nearly 20 year old cat, doesn't fetch any longer, but she used to. She'd go over, under or through anything to get what she was fetching! Quite the sight to see too, she used to be a heck of a jumper!

Sofia brings me whatever toy she wants to play with then we'll play fetch for awhile and then she'll take it away and bring me a different toy and we'll play fetch with that one for awhile. Pretty funny.

Keef doesn't quite have the hang of it yet, but she has just learned that if she wants to play with me she needs to bring the toy to me (especially if I'm asleep - around 3am usually) - Kudos to Sofia for teaching her that! They're all DSH.

I've had Siamese fetch and a Bombay fetch and two tabbies fetch - just depends on the cat, either they will or they won't.

I've read the instructions but someday I'll have to figure out how to put their photos on these posts. Give them faces.
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My orange and white tabby loves to play fetch. My black and white tabby isn't into it at all. I think it just depends on the cat.
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Awwww, your cat taught you to throw for him! *grin*
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Yea! I thought it was unusual too! Phenom does it and it is the funniest thing. She wont fetch just anything though. Just her little ball with ribbons attatched to it! LOL
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