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Sash and his Santa hat

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Here's Sash wearing his Santa hat and he's not too happy about it, so I had to snap a few quick ones of him.

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You look very handsome ...
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I love it!!! He looks soooo mad in that first picture! I bought Abby some antlers, but I have not been brave enough to try them out.
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Sash, you look adorable........but I don't think all the compliments in the world will get you to wear that willingly!
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Oh Sasha! You look so good in red! What a handsome boy you are! But with that attitude...maybe you need an elf hat instead.....
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If Santa only looked like that!
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Santa, with attitude! I love it!
post #9 of 24 always make me smile sweet boy.
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Hahahah > I love it!!!!
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hahahaha! I love the look on his face!! He's like "Mom...i hate it when you make me wear silly hats and then take pictures of my humiliation..."

I think he looks VERY handsome, and so festive!!
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I think my kitten would attack if I tried to put a hat like that on her
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Just judging on how both of my cats reacted to their collar the first time I put them on...I commend you for being so brave. We couldn't do that in my house!

Sash, you're such a handsome boy!
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Look at that gorgeous cat, he looks adorable with his little Santa hat.

Love the pics.
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Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed them, even though Sash didn't.
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omg!!! hahahahaha all i could do is laugh. i laughed so hard my sides hurt. Sash darling you look adorable!!!! but the expressions on you face are something else.. poor baby!
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He looks like one unamused cat - I'm guessing he's plotting his revenge and it has something to do with your Christmas pressies!
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Oh Sash!!, you sure don't look happy wearing that hat..but you look sooo cute in it!
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Love it!!!
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Aww! Whatta handsome lil Santa kitty ..
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Aaaww, Mom, enough with the pictures!

Sash, you're such a precious little boy, and so very handsome in your Santa hat! These are so great, Lisa!
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Hes cute in his santa hat.. I love it..
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Cute pictures!
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What a cutie!
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