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Here's one to comfort you. This happened to a close friend of our family. His wife had been diagnosed with cancer, of a very aggressive sort, and they simply hadn't caught it in time. They were both very frightened, because death is just difficult to cope with, even if you do believe in God and heaven, as these two did. They did a lot of praying, both for healing but also for comfort. One day they went hiking through a desert (I cannot now recall where), and found a spring. They stopped there to eat lunch. While they were there, they were both suddenly filled with a sense of total peace, something neither of them had felt in a while. They both felt they were being told not to be afraid, that they were both held in the arms of God no matter what. So, they left their picnic site and had gotten a good way back to the car when they realized he'd left his sunglasses behind; he'd set them on the rock next to him. They went back for them. They found the sunglasses on the rock, but there was no spring, and no evidence that there had ever been one.

His wife did die, but the knowledge of that day helped her not to be afraid, and allowed him to KNOW he would not be apart from her forever.
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Okay, let me tell a couple of my Grandma stories. Grandma -- my mom's mother -- was a very smart, funny, fearless lady who could outcook anybody on the planet... she had a garden full of rhubarb and roses... she played the organ and sang old hymns at the top of her lungs... she drank hot Dr. Pepper from a coffee mug... and she was an absolute demon at Hearts and Euchre. In short, Grandma was a real character, and we all adored her.

But in 1991, she became terminally ill. I went to Ohio to see her four days before she passed, and I was able to make her laugh, so that was good.

Three weeks later, I was awakened in the middle of the night by the phone. I sat up and answered, and I heard a very distant voice say, "Check on Jim."

I was blank for a moment. Then I realized that it was Grandma's voice. "Grandma? Are you there?" Silence. "Grandma, I'm not sure I understand, please say it again." Silence. "Grandma?"

I held on and listened for at least ten minutes, but heard nothing more... only the hiss of the open line. I finally hung up and laid awake for hours wondering what had really happened... had I dreamed it? No -- the phone line wouldn't have been open. Had it been a wrong number? No -- the other party would have hung up. What WAS it?

The next day, I told my mom about it, and I asked her, "So if I'm not crazy and it WAS Grandma, who could she have been talking about? The only Jim I can think of is Jim Flay [a cousin on my father's side of the family], and Grandma never knew him."

"Yes, she did," my mom said. "Weren't you here? One night when she was visiting down here, Jim came by the house in his police uniform and met her. He talked with her for a long time. She adored him, and she always asked me about Jim when we talked after that."

"Well, gosh, Mom," I said. "Maybe we'd better check on Jim."

So Mom called Jim's mother, my aunt. She didn't want to upset my aunt, so she chatted about other things for a bit, and then casually asked, "How's Jim doing?"

"Funny you should ask," said my aunt. "He was over here all night last night, crying his heart out because his divorce was final yesterday."

So that was the first Grandma incident. There've been quite a few minor things, but the other one that really struck me was this:

Four years ago, my mother had to have most of her colon removed. On the first night after the surgery, they overdosed her on morphine and if my father and I hadn't been there, she would have died -- we had to run for a nurse, and they had to use stimulants and so forth to bring Mom back. The overload of drugs in her system put her into a semi-psychotic state, and she was completely out of touch with her surroundings for a week.

After what the hospital had done to her, I wasn't about to leave her alone there, so I sat with her 24 hours a day for four days. I had to -- she was in terrible pain, hallucinating, always trying to climb out of bed, pull out her tubes and IVs, everything. I had to drape myself over the bedrail and hold onto her so I would feel it and wake up if she started to move.

By the fourth day, I was profoundly sleep-deprived, and Mom managed to yank out her nasogastric tube without waking me. She was halfway out of the bed before I realized what was happening, and almost broke her leg in the bedrail.

This led them to do what they should have done the first night: put her in the Critical Care Unit. I was not allowed to stay with her in there, so I spent the night in the empty waiting room. After all that had happened, and in the state I was in, it was so hard for me to be away from her! I was terrified to leave her to anyone else's care, but I had no choice... I could only visit her every two hours through the night.

So I laid down on a couch in the waiting room and fully expected to fall asleep instantly -- but I didn't. I kept hearing a phrase repeating in my head, over and over: "bony fingers." I had no idea where it had come from, but it kept me awake for quite awhile, and it woke me up like clockwork every two hours, when I was allowed to go in and see Mom again.

So... nine days passed, and finally we took Mom home. I got her set up comfortably on the living room sofa, and she was so glad to be home and clearheaded again that she couldn't stop talking. I was barely able to keep my eyes open, but Mom was so chipper and eager to talk that I just couldn't leave. I sat with her and tried to listen, but I started mentally drifting away... and then I heard her use the phrase "bony fingers."

"What? What did you say?"

She explained that she'd been talking about how her knuckles had gotten swollen from playing baseball when she was a kid, and Grandma had always called her "Ol' Bony Fingers."

Sheesh, I'm shuddering now as I tell it. What I figure is that Grandma put that phrase in my head, trying to tell me that she was taking over for me, watching over Mom in the CCU, since I couldn't. It might have worked, if I had been aware of that nickname Grandma had given Mom... but I'd never heard about it until Mom inexplicably brought it up that first day home.

I went to see John Edward (the psychic of "Crossing Over" fame) a couple of years ago, hoping to connect with Grandma and confirm that she really did do these (and other) things, that it really was her. But as I talked with other people seated near me, I realized that my need to talk to Grandma was trivial by comparison to their situations. Some of them had children who had been murdered... some had recently lost a spouse or a parent to cancer... these were people in terrible pain, and as I sat there, I thought, "Grandma, as much as I'd love to talk with you, these people need their connections much worse. If you can, please help their loved ones to come through, and don't worry about me."

And of the six people I'd been talking with in my immediate area, five of them got a reading that night. The sixth was a woman who apparently suffered from some sort of limited mental capacity, and John Edward talked with her companion and arranged to help her privately. Out of an audience of about 2400!

Okay, too long a post, but if I weren't verbose, you wouldn't know it was me. ~ sigh ~ Thanks for listening... and please keep posting your stories!
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Obi, what a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing that one...
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Let's bring this thread back to life!! I just got some tarots of marseille, and i tried to tell fortunes all day. It was neat, because much of it turned out to be true! I used the directions booklet because i have not memorized the symbols yet. Have you people ever used tarot cards successfully?
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Originally Posted by joecool
Let's bring this thread back to life!! I just got some tarots of marseille, and i tried to tell fortunes all day. It was neat, because much of it turned out to be true! I used the directions booklet because i have not memorized the symbols yet. Have you people ever used tarot cards successfully?
Okay, sorry I must be stupid or something, but what exactly are 'tarot cards'? I have heard of them before, but never knew what they were. I guess it has something to do with predicting the future, but... I don't know, really.
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Tarot cards are important in cartomancy, or the art of using cards for magical purposes. They have little pictures and names, and you are supposed to unravel the specific answer to a question, or the fortune itself through the image's symbol and your own psychic ability. The cards each have traditional and popular meanings. Surely someone more knowledgeable than i will come along soon and explain better.
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Originally Posted by joecool
Tarot cards are important in cartomancy, or the art of using cards for magical purposes. They have little pictures and names, and you are supposed to make the specific answer through the image's symbol and your own psychic ability. the cards each have traditional and popular meanings. Surely someone more knowledgeable than i will come along soon and explain better.
Hmm. Interesting. So are you saying you're psychic? Do you believe that they work?? Personally, I don't really believe in that stuff, but it's still kinda fun to do just for fun, for the novelty of it, and see if it comes true...

Could you do mine???? Pweeeeeez???????
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Well, i have wondered at the amount of information i was able to glean from the cards this afternoon. I really cannot say if they work or not. But i will say that my father, a very skeptical person, admitted that he was frightened greatly when my aunt used a ouija board. Apparantly the little thing she touched moved so fast that he couldn't see it, as soon as it came in contact with her hand. That is all i know.

I could do yours, if i knew your name.

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Cool. My name is Patty.

Wow this thread is getting soo off-topic!
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Not really, it is still paranormal.

You believe someone is lying or making a bad decision or doing the wrong, foolish thing, Patty. Your vision is clouded by your friendship with someone else, possibly the one that the first person may be lying to or harming. The truth is, you are wrong. You are looking for the perfect person, and there are no perfect people. Perhaps you are bored, and looking for trouble where there is none. That is the point, there is no trouble at this moment. You have a great imagination.

This may be a good reading, or it may have nothing to do with you. But i tried!
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years ago I was in a collision and I had an out-of-body experience. It was pretty intense, I saw my son and I had furry soft things bumping against me all the time we talked. I woke up in the ambulance where they were working over me. Since then, I have been visited twice by two cats that have since passed on- Tazz and Kahuna.
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I do beleive in "paranormal" I just haven't finished coming up with the "plan" that I think or would like to believe it follows (hope that makes sense) so may things that we don't know yet - nor can be proven without a shadow of a doubt to be true OR not true.

I had my palm read in college - said I would be married twice and have 3 kids. She got the twice part right..... 3 human kids no? 5 cats and 11 birds? yes.
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I would love to find a animal communicator, to see if bubba is ok on the other side. I feel guilt sometimes from the way his illness came on so fast. I know it is him that knocks things off the dresser sometimes. It isn't one of my other cats because they were not in the room when it happened. It was only Rick and I in the room!! He never comes to me in dreams, so I wonder if he felt abandoned his last day at the vet. We let the vet do exploratory surgery, and when I got the call from the vet that Bubba had cancer, I let the vet put his tired body to rest. I just hope that Bubba knows how much he was loved and how he is missed.

I do believe in psychic abilities. I think all of us have experienced them at some point in our lives. Everybody has that ability, it is just the way we were conditioned as children on how much we let it come naturally to us.
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When I was about 9 I saw a column of light grow from the floor of my bedroom to the ceiling and then die out. It was a very intense gold and there weren't any windows in that room (It was an attic room).

I also almost fell off a ladder one time and was pushed back up when I was about at a 45 degree angle from the ladder.

I often have the same dreams or thoughts with my mom and little sister. (My little sister sees auras and could predict where to find lost things when she was little. We haven't talked about that in a really long time.) Sometimes I just get "feelings" about people or things. I also could predict who was calling (in the days before we had caller id).

And my grandma came and visited me for several years after she died... I would just feel her in the room. I don't know if I can be hypnotized, but I'd be very interested to find out.

I'm also convinced that I was a cat in a past life... as some of my habits are... well... catlike.
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Wow!! Awesome thread topic! I think even those of us that don't believe are still fascinated.

OK, I have had SEVERAL encounters of the unknown. The good story, was of course Cat-related. An apartment that I lived in during college had a ghost-cat in it. It would wake me up in the middle of the night, walking along my back (when I slept on my side). At first I did think it was my roomates cat (always go logical first!) until I would wake up the next morning and realised my door was still shut .
The time that really FREAKED me out at this apartment? As I'm falling asleep one night, I had my hand hanging off the side of my bed. I felt (and heard) something start to bat at it (like a cat batting at a toy). I was so freaked out at that point, I couldn't fall asleep. Then I felt the ghost-cat jump onto my bed, and walk back and forth along my side until it layed down. Again, woke up the next morning and no physical cats in the room.

Second story is a friend from several years back, kept telling me about the house she grew up in and the haunted stories with it. She found it fascinating that they haunt every room except the addition they added on (I told her spirits haunt whatever was there during their time). When I went back home with her one weekend, she gave me the tour of the house. We walked into their den, I looked at her and said "This is the addition". She freaked because she had never told me WHICH room. I just told her that it doesn't feel like the rest of the house.

My BF has freakier stories, but he believes something isn't haunted unless he can see it too. So I know that if I told him our current house is has a spirit (not haunted, but I do sense a presence that only is in certain areas of the house) he'll think I'm crazy.

BTW, does anyone watcht the TV show on Travel Channel "Most Haunted"? We have a good laugh at that show since they send in the most anxious people in England it seems who jump at any noise. LOL!
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My parents visited a big cemetery in Savannah and after leaving tehy smeeled cigar smoke(no one was around but them) and on the way back to columbus in the car they smelled the cigar smoke again. after they got home they were watching TVand apparently the spirit dint like what they were watching and changed the channel(remote on table not being touched) they changed it back and they havent smeeled are heard from him since... so creepy to me!! but cool
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My husband and I go out to this rural cemetary on the oregon trail, to go ghost hunting!! We take a infared night scope and watch for ghosts and orbs. I will say that we both have left there pretty scared. One night we saw a shape of a woman in what seemed like a prairie dress. You could see her waist outline. That still sends shivers up my spine!

One night we saw a tear drop rose colored light above a tombstone and a smokey streak coming from it into the tree. It was amazing.

I have not been feeling to comfortable when we go out there anymore.. I think we made a ghost upset. The vibes from the place can be very spikey at times..
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My mother has told me several stories about her mother (who died long before I was born). She apparently had a gift.

Once she saw the apparition of her father's dog. Just after it disappeared, the phone rang with the news her father had died. (She lived about 200 miles from him!)
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first i would like to thank the original poster for this thread i LOVE it. ok i am a huge beliver in the paranormal/supernatural i belive in ghosts ive read many books on the subject and have done intensive resurch regarding ghosts. ok to clarafiy what ghosts are another poster was somewhat right but i need to add more a lot of times when a human or animal dies tragicaly their soul doesnt know most of the time that they have passed so their spirit remains at the place the tragady took place reacting the tragady over and over again till someone a medium helps them cross over into the light. also sometimes when something means a great deal to someone like a cherised house or place even though they didnt die tragicly their spirit or ghost will remain atached to that place. as for personal experiences i have ESP i can tell when things are going to happen or what someone is going to say every once and a while ill see things out of the corner of my eye but when i turn my head nothings there. ive visited a few places where ive definitly felt presences of others nonliving like vacant prisions, graveyards and such ive had this over whelming feeling of sadness come over me for no reason as well as a feeling like there was someone sitting on my chest and was hard to breath i had to leave those areas quickly. i also have the ability to read people very well like stuff about their past they never told me and such. ok one last thing ive also taken pictures places and had strange things appear like wisps of smoke and orbs. again thanks for this thread !!!
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Visit this site if you like the paranormal, I belong to it.
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thanks for the link i like that show
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I have a couple.

When I was a baby our house was haunted, I used to sleep in my parents room which had an open veranda next to it. My parents say when in the kitchen or wherever they were, could late at night hear a man walking up and down the veranda, but they say he was harmless because he never did anything to me, they even suggested that he was guarding me.

When I was young I had a kitten that had been run over by a car after getting out of the office, he made it back to his basket (the trail of blood showed us where he had been) then he went under the house, I was the one who found him, I was about 8 at the time. I had nightmares for weeks after that. But after I used to hear him meowing and purring in my room, however, I kept my eyes shut because it scared the bejezus out of me! lol. I just wish now that I wasnt scared.

My boarding school was very haunted, they had ashes of a young girl that was killed in a room downstairs underneath where we all slept, if you were down there late enough you could hear her walking up and down the halls. Once also we saw a white figure walking up and down OUR veranda late at night. That same veranda went around the the bathroom, once when I was in the bathroom, I could hear someone turning and playing with the locks, i went straight out and looked everywhere but there was nobody there!
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Well my family has always had paranormal name a few below:

My grandmother and great aunt (her sister) were driving down a busy road when they said all of a sudden the common noises of cars driving, bugs, night noises ...stop...they said it was completely quiet and all the cars dissappeared......then they said they saw an object up in the air..(they assume it was an ufo) they started to drive off really fast but the object was keeping up with them until it finally shot off into the air and soon as it dissappeared all of the cars came back and the noises they both tell the story the same...i don't think they would lie about it

My mom, who passed away 2 years ago, always had the paranormal things happening and I think it was passed on to me since we had such a huge connection with eachother.

We had 2 cats and the one , who we had for 15 years, passed away. After she died we would hear weird noises over by the food bowls..and our other cat started acting crazy like he was fighting with another cat (they would always fight), then one night my mom was laying in bed and heard the sound of a cat eating...she assumed it was her cat that was still alive....but our cat was laying next to her the whole time....she kept hearing the noise and she was staring straight at the bowl the whole time!!

We would always hear footsteps up and down our stairs to the garage but of course there was no one there.

We had another cat that would stair at the top of our stairs at the same time every night and make weird noises.

I could keep on naming but it would be a very long post!!
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I never see things but I can always feel a presence in the house. My hubby is spooked so I don't tell him when someone is visiting. Sometimes I used to think that I just made it up. But now that we have our two furry kids they proove that I'm not crazy. Whenever they just stare at smth I feel it too. I think it would be great to see spirits but I don't have that gift.
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My father has a long history of paranormal experiences of various kinds, but none I know of in recent years... until just the other night. He likes to sit up reading in the living room all hours of the night, while the rest of the house is asleep. A few nights before Christmas, he looked up and saw what he called a "ghost cat" walk into the room from the hallway, looking straight ahead, and stroll on out of sight behind the sofa.

He says the ghost cat was whitish and insubstantial, and that the two "real" kitties who were present just stood back and stared as the apparition passed...
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We live in an 90 year old house. We don't really know its history. A little more than a year ago, late at night, I heard the sound of shoes (not sneakers or slippers we wear, but of the leather bottomed variety) downstairs about the kitchen tile floor and continuously up and down the basement wooden steps (which are original to the house). Thing was, that our only cat at the time was upstairs with us, so it wasn't her, and the fact that the metal strip at the top of the stairs has a very distinctive noise to it when loaded with the weight of a human.

Five years ago, for about a week, I witnessed both our cats (had 2 then) stare up at human eye level at something as it came down the stairs into the living room, and walk through the living room on into the dining room and then into the kitchen. And back again! Not a bug. The cats have a different look when they see a bug. I was freaked out, as was the cat. You know that chattering they do when they see something really odd? Well, the other cat also saw the same thing happen within a few days of the first time. I didn't see anything.

When I was about 12, I slept with a time/temp/humidity guage next to my bed. It was winter, and my room very very very suddenly got warm - almost hot. It was unnerving enough that I turned on a little flashlight and looked at the temperature thing rise 10 degrees before my eyes. I also felt a strong presence that was trying to "know me" or something. I prayed and asked the thing to leave. It did. The temperature very quickly dropped as I also watched that happen on the dial.

UFO. On vacation with 4 other guys in Iron Mountain, MI. Three of them left in a rowboat to an island to do some serious drinking. I and another weren't drinking that night and stayed behind at the cabin. I was asleep at about 9pm (very non-teenager thing to do), and my friend Dave was outside somewhere. He suddenly woke me up and said "wake up - you've gotta see this!" I begrudgingly got up and though he was going to show me the northern lights. I grabbed my glasses, and followed him out to the pier. He pointed to a spot in the sky to the north. Not northern lights. There was about the brightest point of light you could imagine moving at right angles many miles (a guess) away. At some unbelievable speed this thing was darting and then stopping dead then moved again a huge distance almost instantly - again at right angles. It also was either shimmering or revolving slowly (we couldn't tell, since at the distance and brightness, we weren't really sure). Many times we both asked the other "you're seeing this too, right?" It lasted about 20 minutes and then just winked out. The others came back some time later, but we never told them about this until about 20 years later.

At about 18, I was up very very late in the dining room typing (typewriter) up a paper for school. It was during my big "Is there really a God" phase that most of us go through. The night was quiet both inside and out; the rest of the family was asleep. I was having difficulties with the paper, but the bigger problem was questioning my beliefs. I asked the question you're not supposed to ask "God, are you there - is there something more? - you've got to let me know somehow, and right now would be a good time."

I knew that was really asking for it. You're just not supposed to ask that sort of question. Well, nothing happened immediately, and I then apologized and shrugged it off to late night anxiety. Then... 2 or 3 minutes later, there was a sort of boom noise up near the front of the house with just enough force to know it was a pounding noise - but very low pitched. Scared the you know what out of me. Then another the same volume. OK, I thought "No... what?" then a fairly long pause and finally a very much louder thud. I hadn't asked for that, or even three of that. But there they were.

Errrr... OK! There were two thoughts that I remember thinking at the time immediately following those three booms. One was "that was kinda cool, and I think just meant for me only." The other thought was even more freaky. Stay with me on this one: If the loud thumping noise came immediately, that wouldn't have allowed me to dismiss the question and make me ashamed of even asking it. The other thought was the longer pause between the second and the third was just too perfectly timed to be coincidence, and that third boom was just enough louder to make a point. I don't ask questions like that anymore. I don't have to.

That's it. My mom also had a much much better UFO story from about 1952 with close to 90 of her friends, and she never told me until immediately after I told her my Iron Mountain UFO story, but this post is already long enough.
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My dad used to smoke really stinky cigars, Dutch Master's Panatellas. I can't believe I still remember what they were called, LOL! He died 18 yrs ago.

Anyway, there are times when there is no other explanation for it, but I get a whiff of those nasty cigars. I know that he's watching over me. This has happened when I'm in my car with the windows closed (no one is allowed to smoke in the cars, since Tybalt has such bad asthma). It's happened when I am at work. There's no logical explanation for why I can suddenly smell the cigars. No one else can smell them, either, when I ask. So I've gotten into the habit of saying "Hi Dad" when I smell it....
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One more - cat related.

Can't believe I forgot this story. We lost our dear Madge over the Labor Day weekend in 2004. She was one of those cats who loved going out and hiding in the back yard and eating tall grass. Not a real jungle, but a jungle for her, nonetheless.

5 days before that weekend she developed severe swelling above one side of her mouth, what we would soon find out to be a very bad abscessed tooth and infection throughout her skull. We took her in, they extracted the tooth, prescribed drugs, etc., etc., but following that 2 day hospital stay when she came home, she had nothing to do with downing drugs. She was getting weaker and weaker every day and hour. She knew she was dying. We didn't want to believe it, but I kinda knew she had just days left.

Didn't eat, we tried everything - I came here (forum) for the first time and read about a thousand posts while crying. Same thing most all of us do when we're clawing for every hope and miracle. Well, she did die at the vets (PTS) a few days later, but here's Madge's last miracle.

Right smack dab during the weakening vitals, the motionless hours of crouching where we would pet her gently and talk to her and tell her how much we loved her... she got up, and walked briskly towards the back door. Dumbfounded, I called Diana over to show her this (she had resigned herself to the fact Madge was dying then). She looked up with that "let me out now" look and let out a very muffled meow. Diana wanted to let her out thinking this was a good sign. I didn't want to, knowing that animals prefer to die alone under a bush or something, and I feared we'd lose track of her.

I lost the argument, but we also followed Madge outside. She walked timidly, but purposely out on her normal route, and looked very chipper and calm. Happy almost. She showed strength that could not have been possible, given her condition. She ate a few mouthfuls of grass, and saw a squirrel, which she unbelievably chased about 30 feet and almost caught. 10 minutes later, she resigned herself to go back in. She was exhausted. I carried her inside. She felt so very limp. No struggle.

That night she got much worse, and within 36 hours, we had lost her. 13 years old.

You gotta wonder how they get the gift of strength to do something like that following a week-long downward spiral. Last wish granted?
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