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Age of eye color change in kittens

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I was just curious, at what age do a kittens eys start to change from the blue to the color they will become. I was looking back and found a picture taken of Sturgis when we first got him, we thought he was about 5 weeks old at the time (because of his size, but also know he had very poor nutrition as a kitten). Well looking at one of the first pictures taken of him (a couple of days after he was found), his eyes wer already the gold that they are now. I am thinking he was actually older than we thought, but the poor nutrition stunted his growth (he is my smallest cat at 8 pounds, but also could have been destined to be a small male anyway).
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Eyes will stay blue until they are about 6-7 weeks old, but true eye color won't settle in until the kitten's about 3 months old.
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6 to 8 weeks is when you'll really start noticing a change.
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If Sturgis' eyes were already a definite colour, other than the deep baby blue, he was most likely older. Kittens eyes begin to change at 4 1/2 to 5 weeks and gradually change into their final colour over the next 6-8 weeks.
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I don't know how it is with other breeds, but bengals can take up to a year to develope their true adult eye color. I've had 5 and 6 month old's where I know their eyes will be green or gold, but still won't know what shade or the depth of color.
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I adopted out a foster kitten (last week) who was about nine weeks and her eyes were still changing, and when I came across Sturgis's baby picture I was shocked to see the color of his eyes at the time. Sturgis at the time of the picture weighd 8 tenths of a pound with a pot belly (but did not have parasites oddly enough) sparse dry haircoat, and his back end was emaciated (looked like and old artritic dogs back end). He was the most pathetic un-thriving looking kitten I ever rescued, now he trully believes my husband and I are his parents and sleeps with his body under the covers and his head on the pillow between us. I asked my husband when we should tell him he is a big boy now and should sleep in his big boy bed alone instead of crawling in bed between his parents.
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