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fear aggression

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I recently brought home a foster kitty. My resident cats, 3
males and one female, were introduced to the foster very
slowly and, at first, everything was fine. I don't know
what happened, but suddenly, my female started attacking
the foster kitty. The female has always had issues. She
use to knock over one of my 13 lb. males and wrestle
which always got out of hand (usually with her running away).
I started the whole introduction process over again,
feeding on either side of closed doors, switching rooms --
everything but my resident female is not accepting the situation.
The three boys are fine with the foster (I let her out only
after I make sure my female is in a closed room). The foster
is non aggressive and likes the company of the other males.
Is there anything I can do to help the resident female. I should mention that on a couple of occassions the resident
female has attacked the foster and it's a full blown
cat fight (In all my years with cats I never experienced a
cat fight and it's not a pretty sight). Thank you for any
advice you can offer. The foster will be ready for adoption soon.
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It sounds to me like you are doing everything possible to help with the introduction. Is this female the Alpha of your group? If so, she is just letting the newcomer know this. I too have been on the receiving end of a full-on cat fight, and it was not pretty. I have one small female that challenges every rescue that comes here. I do the bedding switch, the feeding through closed doors, but she still makes her presence known to the newbies. It is just her way I guess. She was injured awhile back by human hands and it has affected her in this way. Right now I have a fairly new cat that wants this Alpha spot and I actually watch her stalk my little female and try and bait her out!

If this is a foster cat, maybe you can find someone else to take foster off your hands? I know, fat chance of that! Good luck!
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Thanks for your reply. My little foster won't fight back -- she just crouches low and protects herself as best she can. Fortunately, I've been able to get to her quickly on the occassions this has happened. I volunteer for an organization that rescues abandoned, abused, stray cats. We have regular adoption clinics. This little girl is ready for a nice home. I'm bringing her there tomorrow night. Hopefully, people will be out and someone will fall in love with her just like I have. Kitties like her don't come into your lives often and when they do you realize just how special they are. I will be sad to see her go, but will make sure she goes to a loving home. Sure wish it could of worked out with my female.
All my best.

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I hope you can find just the right home for her. It's hard when you have a cat like that. There are just some cats who for some reason will not accept a certain cat.
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