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Child proof locks can't stop this determined kitten..now what?

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Drusilla is entirely too smart for only being 6-7 months old! She's insanely rambunctious and I swear she never sleeps too. Lately she's been getting into everything. She learned how to open desk drawers and has been making a game of fishing out all the staples, pens, rubber bands, and things. So I bought a child proof lock and attached. One of those things where you have to press it a certain way to disable the lock. When I came home yesterday, she still managed to open the drawer all the way and the stuff was spread all over the place. She opens cabinets too. She went into my cabinets and knocked over all the hairspray/deodorant/girly products, and then somehow managed to get into the upper cabinets and knock out all the perfumes, which smashed all over the floor. Again, tried child proof locks, they didn't work. I think she figured what she has to press to make it accessible. I tried Bitter Apple spray and some citrusy things All Over It. She approached it, sneezed, ran to the opposite side of the room, threw herself against it with a loud THUD, then went for the doors and tried to open them. I sprayed her with water, but that seemed to just teach her "Do it when Mommy is not here or has her hands full or is not looking"

So I'm home today trying new things. I tried taping everything shut, that made her like it MORE as she had fun peeling the tape off. I attached a chainlink lock to the upper part of cabinet, but she learned how to slide that across in only 20 minutes. There's also the factor that she adores slamming herself into things. She can hit it really really hard, and she already broke the door off of the bottom of my entertainment unit so she could get at the cd's and dvd's in there. So I think in her mind, if she can't open it with her paw, she can just slam into it until it breaks, which isn't hard. She's obnoxiously strong for such a small thing.

I can't move the stuff. This house is just too small and the other rooms are already crammed past the limit with non-kitty friendly things, since the girls are confined to the upstairs. Not to mention the cabinets have been there forever and are too big for me to move if I wanted to anyway. I've been trying to move all dangerous things out of their area, especially since I got Dru, because she seems to be exploiting everything Tara left alone, but I'm just out of room in the rest in the house.

Ideas? Can I made the cabinets less appealing some way? Beyond whats in them, the top part does have glass doors, which could be dangerous if she decides to slam into those and they break, and like I said, there's no way I can move them or afford others. Its so frustrating, I thought I was pretty cat-proofed by just having things put away. Tara never once bothered any of the things Drusilla is, and she never slammed into doors or broke stuff.

EDIT: She DOES have more than enough toys to play with. Three scratching posts, a cat tree, 6 windows with perches, 2 cat dancers, 50 balls in all sizes, shapes, colors and some with bells, a battery powered mouse toy, 20 crinkly mice, one of those round tracks with the balls, and a couple of those baseboards with the spring attached and a puff at the end of the spring. I devote 2-3 hours a day to her trying to tire her out and she and Tara have been playing too, so I its not like she has nothing to do.
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Call Dave Letterman and get Dru on the Stupid Pet Tricks segment! This is an AMAZING cat! :-)

You might try some Velcro to make it more difficult for her to exert enough force to haul the drawers and cabinets open. You'll have to use staples to hold the Velcro in place -- chances are the adhesive wouldn't even faze this little whirlwind!

As for the glass doors, you might want to reinforce them from behind with some clear or frosted adhesive-backed vinyl. It will make it harder for her to break the glass, and if she does break it, the vinyl will minimize the chance that she'll be hurt by shards, or by plunging on through the hole. You could just use an X of tape like they do in hurricane zones, but the vinyl would be much prettier. Some contact paper might work, or you can get nice frosted vinyl at sign stores or (less expensively) at a plastics supply place.

What a kitty! I like Dru's spirit!
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Has she been spayed? My friend's cat used to hurl herself at (and break) windows in the house. She calmed down a lot after being spayed.
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Nope, she'll be spayed in Feb.

I'll look into getting some vinyl for the glass doors.

I like her spirit too. However our emergency pet fund Does Not like her penchant for eating rubber bands and paper as I'm paranoid and take her to the vet all the time to make sure she didn't decide to eat staples along with them.
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Meowser's Mom is so right! I'm sure spaying would help... is there any reason why you're waiting until February? At 6 or 7 months, she's probably already in heat, and that could explain everything!
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As far as the office supplies are concerned, get yourself a sturdy metal chest that locks with a key or combination, and store all those small, dangerous items in it. I would do the same with the bottles of perfume, etc., in the bathroom. If it is a double cabinet and has "pull" handles, try one or more of the sturdy combination locks they sell for school lockers. They're usually big enough to fit through the handles. You may have to replace the handles, of course, but that's a matter of a few bucks and a few minutes. For the entertainment center, contact a moving company, and ask to buy one or more of the adjustable "rubber bands" they put around pieces with doors that might swing open, or to refer you to a supplier.
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I couldn't get in with the vet any sooner. We have very few (decent & nice) vets around here and I'm using a certificate. Sadly the only vet that accepts them is the most popular one, and therefore, the busiest. It takes months to get in with him. She's not in heat yet though, i'm hoping shes a late late bloomer.
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I think you should contact Giennes (?) Book of World Records for having the world's (pick one): Weirdest Cat, Smartest Cat, or Dumbest Cat

I'd try something sticky - like velcro on the cabinets or tape balloons where if they popped it would scare her.
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