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You may want to get a thermometer and just check his temp yourself so that you can do it sooner. Are you feeding him the same food from when he was sick? He may be associating throwing up with the taste of the food. I would try getting something new or maybe even feeding him some light human food.
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Well, just an update.

He finally started gobbling up his food, and the vomitting seems to have stopped too. Still has diarrhea, so hopefully that will get resolved too.

and here he is, in my bed:
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Oh he is sweet, and thankfully a survivor too. If you have some plain yogurt try and give him that if it has active cultures. You can also cook up some hamburger and drain it really well, then cook up some rice. Mix the hamburger and the rice together and just give him a tiny bit at a time, it will help to bind up his stool. Make sure he is getting enough water. You can also boil up some rice, and right before it is almost cooked, drain off the water and give him that liquid cooled.
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He sounds a little fighter. I'm glad to hear good news. Sending good wishes that he continues to improve.
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i'm glad that he's recovering!!!!! and he's sooo cute!!

hm...you may wanna have second thought about ur local vet tho, as he/she did not diagnose ur kitten have panleukopania.
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Great news!!!

The diarrhea/loose stool will probably last quite a while. My survivors took a few months to be totally back to normal in that regard. He'll also be more susceptible to other intestinal infections like giardia and camphylobacter for a while. Panleuk really messes up the intestines and they take a pretty long time to heal. I did have really good luck with Carafate (a prescription medicine) to help bind the stool, you may want to ask your vet about that.

I would say be prepared to take him to the vet every 2 weeks or so for the next couple of months. That's what I ended up needing to do, just to keep tabs on recovery and deal with any complications as soon as they cropped up.

Overall, though, I think he's made a remarkable recovery and he will have an absolutely normal life in the long term.
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He is beautiful!
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