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Curious about the tub, what's going on?

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Okay, the other day I was in the tub minding my own business when guess who comes along? Well, Miya always stays in the bathroom when I am taking my bath. Sometimes she will peek over the edge and touch the water a little with her paw. The other day, she did something that surprised me: she actually jumped up on the edge of the tub and started to walk back and forth and dipped her paw in the water. She wasn't really even phased by the drops of water that tricked down her fur from the faucet. Now, Miya HATES water and baths. Do you suppose she is getting used to water?
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One of my cats, Otis, really is obsessed with water. As soon as I flush the toilet he comes running to the sink because he knows that I have to wash my hands. During showers he stands inbetween the shower curtain and the plastic curtain. This has caught on with my other cats now and they all can be found in the bathroom during my showers. A couple of times Otis has even jumped into the bathtub, which drains really slowly and usually has a few inches of water in it. He doesn't jump out after either, he'll just wade around in the water lol. Now I gave them a good amount of baths when they were little because they would get diareha a lot and so that may have contributed to their lack of fear of the water. They hate actual baths but don't really mind playing in the water. Your kitty may have gotten more used to it over the years or maybe she sees you in the water which makes her less intimidated. Either way, it's cute so enjoy it
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My cat is afraid of the shower running, but after we get out she wants to inspect and play with whatever water is left dripping. If I run a bath, she loves to dip her paw in and has even fallen in a few times (clumsy kitten!) by getting too excited!
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Even when they don't like being IN water, they are often fascinated by it, and, I think, even more when they see us in it! Yesterday Dushka sat on the edge of the bath when I was in it, as she often does, to play with the bubbles, then Wellington decided to see what was going on and jumped up on the other corner. He began to walk along the edge until he got swatted by Dushka and partly fell in! I didn't see either of them again for an hour.
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Ah, okay! I'm still kinda new to the cat world, even though we have been together for a year. Sometimes I think she's a bit wacky! haha
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Alot of cats are drawn to running (or dripping) water for drinking purposes. Two of my cats love to drink straight from a slow-running tap if I let them. Also, after 35+ years of living with cats, I only learned about seven years ago that cats prefer to drink their water away from their food (makes sense, when you think about it, that a carnivore would not want to drink water next to its kill). I caught on when my 18-year old Lexi developed kidney problems. She was drinking water all the time, so I started putting an extra water dish in the bathroom. Lo and behold, the other cat I had then, 13-year-old Minsheng -- who had never been a big water drinker before -- started regularly drinking the water in the bathroom while the perennial water dish by their food in the kitchen went untouched. All four of the cats I live with today drink their water in the bathroom, even though I can't break the habit of putting water by their food as well. They also prefer any kind of streaming or running water (i.e., water feeder or electric water fountain) to a static water bowl. That may be why some cats run into the bathroom when the toilet flushes or you start the faucet, shower, or tub.
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