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New Kitten - very cute but very smelly!

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Just got a kitten (9 weeks old), very cute and very friendly. Only thing is that she has a really smelly bum which smells fishy. Has anyone else had a similar experience with kittens and, if so, what did you do to clean their bum (if anything)? The reason I ask is that the kitten is given access to all areas of the apartment and crawls around on our pillows when we are asleep and the smell is a bit off-putting. Is it a case of her bum being dirty or is this just a phase kittens go through before being spayed etc.? She has been taken to the vet for initial jabs/vaccines and de-worming. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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kittens often smell.. yours is barely old enough to be away from mom... use a washcolth or baby wipe if you see stuff and talk with the vet... what are you feeding kitty??
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Has she been checked out for coccidia? That has a very distinctive smell. If you're sure she doesn't have any illnesses, and if you're feeding her a good kitten food, then it's probably just normal... kittens are amazing little poop-generators, and they usually don't yet know how to keep as clean as they will later on. Some gentle cleaning is a good idea, and if her behind looks at all irritated, you might apply a bit of Vaseline or baby oil to soothe it.
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I'm feeding her wellness kitten supermix i.e. solid food. I guess I'll try the wipes if it doesn't get any better. Thanks.
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not sure about the coccidia - what is that? I think it could be a question of her not knowing how to clean herself properly yet.
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Go to the below link - it will explain coccidia.

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I second the coccidia motion... lol Did you get the kitty from the shelter? When I brought my kitties home from the shelter they both had coccidia from being in such close proximity with other infected cats. Keep an eye on her stool, if it has blood or mucous in it then that's a pretty good indicator of coccidia if she's been dewormed. Deworming needs to be done at least 2x so she may have worms too. Basically I would suggest taking in a stool sample to your vet to have checked, better safe than sorry!
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