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Holiday dangers!

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Here we can post all the things we know are dangerous to our animals during the holidays.
Anyone who can share something, it would be appreciated!
I'll start with some:
Tinsel: if eaten, can cause blockage and tear up the intestines. Ouch!
Gift wrapping ribbon: Same as above. Ouch again!
Chocolate: Especially baking chocolate. This is extremely poisonous!
Christmas lights: Believe it or not, I once had a cat that thought Christmas lights made a pretty good snack! He'd crunch right through them like a candy cane. Watch out that your animals don't snack on your lights!
Spray on snow: I'm not really certain, but I don't think this stuff can be good if licked off branches. I may be wrong, but I won't chance it!
Outside: Antifreeze! ONE lick can KILL an animal! PLEASE soak up all antifreeze spills! If you see an antifreeze spill while you're out somewhere, say in a parking lot, please don't be afraid to ask a manager to clean it up.
Doggie gifts: Please do not buy any dogs rawhides, pig ears, hooves, chicken feet, or anything like that! these are really dangerous as chunks can be chewed off and sawllowed, and they can become lodged in the intestines. It's better to stick to an edible bone such as Greenies or Pop-pup bones, or a hard chew bone made by Nylabone.
That's all I can think of at the moment, please feel free to add everyone!

Ps. How do you make the heading bold? I can't figure that out!
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thanks for the info
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Yes! Thank you! I wasn't aware that rawhide bones could be dangerous for dogs. I usually get one for my dog for Christmas, but this year I think I will get her a different kind of bone. I am so glad you posted this!

...I don't know of anything else that could be dangerous around the holidays, but if anybody else does please do post it!
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A reasonable thread.
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Getting shut up inside Christmas presents! Definitely dangerous! hehe
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