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I just did something incredibly implusive.

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I know that many of you have been following this thread: and know that my sweet baby Lola passed away today, but that I have plans to take in a foster this weekend. Well, today Ian took me to meet the foster after Lola passed, because he knows my views on the life cycle and everything and wanted to remind me that I was sort of "paying it forward" in that I may have lost my dear baby, but that I was saving another life and making another friend, even if no one can ever replace my Lola.

Well, I saw her this morning and she is GORGEOUS. She is a calico and has the most silky rabbit-like fur ever. All I had the heart to do this morning was say "hi" and sign the papers...I was so upset. As teh day wore on, I thought more and more about everything and tonight, I decided to go pick her up. Ian is out of town and Leo and I are quite lonely, so I thought, hey, what the heck, right? So I drove over and got her. When I was talking to the woman who had her about Lola, this kitty came over to me, headbutted me and put her paw on my paw. I was already falling in love.

I got her home and set the carrier down, and before I had a chance to shut the door, Leo came jogging up to see what was going on. I expected some hissing and hunching and ear-flattening, but what happened next was what sealed the deal: Leo walked quietly up to this kitty, and the kitty licked his face! And he stood there with her and let her wash his face! It was truly astounding, but I think it was a sign from wherever Lola is, telling us to welcome this new kitty, because she will help us deal with our grief.

I called the woman up and I said, totally outside of myself, "You know, I think we'll keep her. Forever."

Anyone else think I'm totally out of my mind insane and crazy?
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that is such a great story. welcome your new addition. i am sure lola would be happy. i am glad everything is working out. i cant wait to see pics of your new baby. congrats. i am sure it dont take all the pain away but hopefully it helps
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It certainly sounds as if Lola was helping things along, doesn't it? What a wonderful introduction. I hope it continues to go this well. Congratulations
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Congrats..Lola certainly is telling you something..
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Oh gosh Allie! I just got all teary reading your post. It sure sounds to me like Lola made sure this baby girl knew....well, everything. It sounds like this was meant to be in every way.

Congratulations on bringing a new baby into your heart and home. May she bring you many years of joy and love, and may you do the same for her.
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Oh my gosh! I cried, seriously...that was so was like a sign from lola. AAaawwww....Lola loves you guys!!

Good luck with your new addition, and le us know what you decide his name shall be.
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Great story, thanks! Congrats on your new arrival. That definitley sounds like something I would have done!
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Aw, I'm glad you got her tonight! Katrina the Calico? (Corny, I know)
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
Aw, I'm glad you got her tonight! Katrina the Calico? (Corny, I know)
Well, she desperately needs a name. I was thinking Zoe, Chloe, Isabel, Gracie or Lucy. Those are my top 5 right now.

Other suggestions I have gotten from my crazy friends: Gumbo, Bourbon, Katrina (Katie for short), FEMA, Brownie-you're-doing-a-heckuva-job, Voodoo, Cajun, Dixie, Bayou, Shrimpboat, Offshore Oil Rig and Scarlett.

None of the above really suit her.

I'm going to go post some pictures and poll in Fur Pics if you want to join me over there.
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I say Gracie or Lucy...that's my vote!
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I like Dixie & Scarlett, but if she's got lots of personality, definitely a Zoe, Chloe, or Gracie.
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No not crazy or impulsive... Lola guided you to her.. I like Issabel
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I have no doubt at all that all this happened exactly the way it was supposed to. Sending light and love for your little ones, passed and present...
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
Anyone else think I'm totally out of my mind insane and crazy?
Not for a second -- not for a NANOsecond!

Lola is in the loop, and letting Leo and your new little purrson know that all is well, and they are to take care of each other and you.

What a truly lovely happening.

Name? Sospiro -- she entered your hearts on a sigh. (Sospiro in Italian)
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That is wonderful. You and Leo have so much love to give and htis little one will fulfil you again. I am sure Lola is watching over her.
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It sounds like both you and Leo followed your hearts. There's nothing crazy about that.
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Thanks, everyone...I really feel like this cat has specific instructions from Lola to take care of Leo and I. She's just an incredibly sweet cat...there's something really special about her, which is why I've decided to call her Grace. We're going to call her Gracie, though, because she's got some tortie fur in there, and you all know what that means
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Bijou and Mika have welcomed Gracie into Smudge's Cafe. She sounds incredibly lovely and I'm very happy for you and your family. This is obviously a match made in heaven and Leo is wonderful to be so loving and accepting. Give the kitties hugs from us.
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sounds like a keeper to me !!! about calling her Lacey, Jasmine, Louise, Daisy or Scarlet? Best wishes for happiness.
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Oh, congrats on your new baby Gracie. I think the odds were you were going to end up wanting to keep her, so if it is clearly a match made in heaven from the start, so much the better. Will you still foster other kitties in the future?

I'm glad Gracie is taking care of her new big brother. I love to see kitties groom each other. Leo and Gracie will bring you so much joy in the years to come. It is so nice to have a baby to help you heal from the loss of Lola. Though no one ever would or could take her place, a new warm baby to love will help the healing process. And kitties are good at absorbing our tears when they fall!

/") (That was Garfield saying congrats to Gracie! He says she is the luckiest little girl on earth to be joining such a lovely family!)
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I`m so sorry for your loss of Lola.....but CONGRATS on your new baby.....I think she was sent to you from Heaven to help to heal your hurting heart....NO, she won`t take Lola`s place (You would`nt want her to!) ...but she will find (if she has`nt already) her own place in your heart!
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I'm just getting caught up on this. It sounds like love at first sight for everyone. I think you will do fine. There will be days of missing Lola but Gracie and Leo will be a comfort.
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I just caught up on this!!!! What great news I am sure Lola had a little to do with this Grace is such a fitting name too! I am so happy for you. We need pic
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I've just seen this as well!.

Awwwww Allie thats a sign if ever i saw one Is she in fur pictures yet?!

Just found her and what a beauty she is
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Lola has sent you her choice - & i'm glad Gracie has found her furever home!
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Thanks for all of your kind words, everyone. Gracie is quite comfortable in her new home. You're all right...she'll never take Lola's place and I would never WANT her to, but she's absolutely wonderful just being Gracie and I love her for that. She and Leo are still having some "arguments" over their territory, but for the most part, all is well between them. I see them getting along perfectly in no time.

In the mean time, I'm getting a huge store of Gracie pictures ready for Fur Pics!!
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