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Sorry I missed the contest......

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Kittens behaving badly - part II. I think mine could have stood a chance at winning this one (or at least coming close). These are photos of their 3rd "party" in my absence. Not sure if you can see them clearly in these photos, but look really close.....


I came home to this one day and as I said - this was the third time. The cat nip is kept in a closed cabinet, way in the back. I know which one of my 4 does it - my little innocent brown tabby. She managed to open the cabinet (again!) and drag the bag out and this is what I came home to. I spent hours cleaning it up (had to take the whole stove apart - it was in the burners, between the counter and stove). The mess started at the cabinet where it was (the one to the left of the stove) and continued over the stove, across all counters, and all over the sink (my clean dishes), and the mess on the floor! Shame on her - she's only 1 and so is her sister and the baby was only 4 months! Way to corrupt the little one!
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LOL What a little 'nip-head!

Even though there isn't much "fur" in the pics, I'll move this to Fur Pics. Do you have any pics of the little tabby culprit?
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Oh no! She's in Santa's Naughty list!
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By the time I took these pics they were all sleeping it off...lol.
Trying to get them up to move (or even open their eyes) at that point wasn't working so well. And my poor corrupt baby!
Here's a of my little tabby - peanut (the angel side and the devil side). You'd never know by the trouble she gets into that she was the runt of the litter weighing in at 1.2 lbs at 8 weeks old and shaking like a little leaf.

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Oh yes, your kitties would have been in with the forerunners!
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That's hilarious!
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Oh, my! What a big mess to have to clean up! What beautiful kitties you have! Is that one licking the last little morsels off her nose?
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what a mess. its funny noe but at the time you were probly like this
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Ohh what little stinkers. lol
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