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Urgent.My cat is sick. Help

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My cat is about 3 years old.About 1 hour ago he started to spasm and meow and stick out is tongue.Then he began scratching at his face.I called a couple vet offices and they said the only thing I could do right now is bring him in, and I really dont have any money to do I am hoping that someone can maybe help me out, like if your cat has done this before.
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This sounds like something very serious!!
Have you talked to your vet about payment options?
Your kitty really needs to be seen by a vet!!

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You must get him to a vet asap!!!! Money or no money. Sell somethimg - what if you were ill, what would you do?
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Where are you located I have a good vet in PA
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im in pittsburgh, south hills
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Please take your kitty to the vet!!! PLEASE! He really needs the attention of a vet. Try to make payment arrangements or arrangements to work it off, something. Your description of your cat scares me. Let us know what the vet says!
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We've had this cat for 3 years... My mother just had a cat that got sick as well.. nothing liek this .. but she paid over $600 and he died like a week later...It's worth it to me to try and keep him alive... If it was a guarenteed thing that he would be better I would pay over $1000 but its not...Thats why were trying to learn info about this before something happens..
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It sounds like he is having seizures. That's scary. Please find a way to get him some medical care.
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Ok well hes been relaxing and hasnt been clintching at all for the past like 15 minutes.. he finally put his tounge back in his mouth and he seems to be fine... When I called my mom she said that he has done this thing once before but not nearly as bad. But he really does seem like he's gettin better real quick...We really cant tell though untill we wait a while longer.
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It still sounds like siezeures and he will need to see a vet! It will be better to take him when he is better so the vet can run tests and you are not paniced. (nor your kitty!)
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If you are going to let him go and not have him looked at now then that is your decision, but I would right now start saving up or putting aside some money because this is a very serious thing. If you had a child that was having seizures like this you wouldn't let it go becuase the seizure stopped right now would you?

Please find a way to get this poor cat to the vet, his is not normal behavior and even if he seems a lot better now, there IS SOMETHING that caused him to have the seizure in the first place. that something will most likely not go away on its own. it would be very very irresponsible and horrible to not take him to the vet in the very near future.
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The other participants in this thread are right - it is always advisable to ~first~ seek the professional assistance of a vet and then once a diagnosis is made, to seek information about that diagnosis. The internet is a wonderful place to research all sorts of things and it is a powerful tool. But it doesn't replace the advice and/or educated opinions of your veterinarian.

That all now being said, it sounds to me as though your little one may have bitten down on a bug or other somehow distasteful item and was suffering the ill after-effects. I have a girl who is an absolute bug fiend. If there is a bug of any sort in this house, she knows it, seeks it out and then destroys it with gusto. I have observed behavior very similar to that which you describe when she finds that some bugs bite or sting back - either on her nose or inside her mouth. If I were you, I would keep a very close eye out for any swelling or drooling. If either occur, make sure this kitty is seen by a vet. If not, you can check her mouth yourself by opening her mouth and visually inspecting - if there is an ulcer or wound or if her teeth are broken or otherwise there is something wrong, get her in to be seen.
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I would strongly suggest you take this cat to the vet. Don't try and guess the outcome of this cat's treatment or even believe that someone behind a computer screen can accurately diagnose this cat's problem. Each cat is unique and your cat needs vet intervention. I would believe something toxic has gotten into the cat's system and is slowly working its way doing damage BUT I am not a vet.

Last year I spent over $2,000.00 on a cat that was severely injured. She ended up having to be euthanized months later. Does that mean I will not take another cat to the vet should they be ill or injured? No, and I do not have a full-time job so money is indeed quite tight at times. But we manage-

Here is an article that might help you-
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It sounds like seizures to me too. Does it look like he may have gone to the bathroom during these spasms? That's something major to look for during seizures. I also advise taking him to the vet and quickly!
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If your kitty's seizures continue and you absolutely cannot work out payments to a vet, then the caring thing to do is find a no-kill shelter or rescue society and surrender the kitty so they can give him the medical attention he needs.

Some rescue organizations will not be in the phone book -- you can find them through local pet stores and shelters, and the SPCA should be able to direct you to them, too. (Do NOT surrender your kitty to the SPCA, though -- they practice euthanasia.)

I hope this is just a bug or a mild poisoning... not a neurological problem. All good wishes for your baby...
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