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Our daily thread for Wednesday, March 14

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It is another beautiful day in NC. We slept with our windows open and were awakened by the birds! :chicken: :chicken: I really do not think that we will ever move to the north again. I may have to learn to like sweet tea.

I have laundry to do today, and business to conduct, but the advantage of owning our own business is that I can start on these things whenever I want. I think I'll have a nice cup of coffee before getting into the day.

I bought Fergus some new cat toys yesterday. One of them is a mouse with feathers on a string that connects to the door frame. He loves it and looks like a volleyball player spiking the winning point when he hits it!

Y'all have a great day & take charge! (SEE how I am becoming Southern?)
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Good Morning everyone!

Thanks for starting the daily thread Meghan!

Welcome back Rene, Donna and Sandie!!! I read some of your posts but I still have to sit down and do some re-posting...

Today is a very special day at the forums!!! We have more than 500 members!!!

Can you believe it?
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Well, it was a TEAM effort that did it. It was all the multiple emails and subsequent phone calls that got the memorial and the hearing so much press. Catarina, Donna and everyone else, you all desrve a big kitty hug for your efforts, because it worked and, boy, did it work good.

I had only a confirmation that Ch 10 and Fox was going to be there, but the press outweighed the memorial people. There were 6 or 7 cameras from a multitude of stations all on Denice and Lacey, who was covering his face. The guilty %$##@#$!

Denice made one statement to the press, saying that because of pending litigation and her civil suit there wasn't much she could say and what she will say will be before a judgee in the trial and that proceeds from the suit will pay for the expences and the rest will go to charity.

And when the press went to interview Lacey, he and his attorney went hauling arse out of the ct. room covering their faces.

Now the entire city knows what this scum bag did and his life is going to be far more difficult now. On the mid-day news they showed a pic of Max and of Lacey w/ his 2 dogs and THE golf club. Well, well, well....

I don't think this guys going to have his job overseeing kids much longer. And the press the cities getting will force their hand in an investigation. This guy is as good as finished now, regardless of the outcome of the trial, which will be held on April 20.

My work is just beginning. If I have my way, this a$$hole will have to leave the city. Do you think CNN is viable?

:-) I am so VERY pleased! We lit a fire and now this thing is out in the public and has a life of its own. I'm going to make it my new mission if life between now and April 20, to bury this guy for good!

Max's death will not be forgotten and this success standds as a win for every abused kitty in the world. VICTORY!!!!!

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You are amazing! I am going on the Rainbow Bridge website tonight and write about Max and his demise. That will also get the word out. By the way, you made me cry AGAIN!! But I don't mind because the tears are worth it.

Great job everybody!
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I feel so overwhelmed right now. How exciting. Without you Meowman, this probably would not have gotten as far as it did. Three cheers for Max. I know just hearing his story has touched me so completely that he will be forever in my soul. Thanks to everyone for caring so much!!
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Dear Chuck,
I'm picking myself off the floor as I'm typing this!!!!!! I can't believe it, I keep saying the same thing, but truly from the bottom of my heart I knew that this would take on a life of it's own. Thank God! I feel so good inside. Lord only knows! What a mission to have been done so well, thank you so much for getting me involved. I can't thank you enough for being such a leader! You've done an incredible piece of work here! Long live the memory of Max! This case has set a new precedent that's what makes this so important. Too bad things like this have to happen in order for some people to become civilized, huh? Well, I think the law and the media will now see the urgency in the public's eye when things like this happen....
What a relief...I'm ready for Oprah...how 'bout you?
Many Hugs!!!!!
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