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Past furbabies

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Here are some old pics I scanned yesterday. There are more to scan so I'll probably be adding more in the future.

Edited to add: If you have old photos to share post them here too!

This is Angie (pic is from sometime in the 80's)

Lucy with her one and only litter of kittens (from the 80's)

Rosie, we got her as a feral kitten, she grew into such a sweet heart. (1987)

Morgan, he lived to be 21 yrs old. (not exactly sure when this pic was taken.)
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Those are great's always nice to be able to look back at old pictures..thanks for sharing
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Paulie, he was such a sweetie He was born with a deformed front leg and he died from FIP at 2 yrs old

Donny, this pics always cracks me up!! He had cerebral palsy, the vet said he wouldn't make it to his first birthday, but lived to 11 yrs old!

Vinny and Barney , ferrets
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Awwww Diane their all gorgeous, and you had a Rosie as well!
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Wow, I bet it's really neat to look back on those, huh?
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This is Manny, or Little Man Butterscotch, we also called him. We rescued him when he was 6 months old, from a city pound.. he was just being taken out of his cage to be euthanized, but we snatched him up and took him home. It took us 3 months to get him to come out of hiding.. but everytime a visitor would come over, he would run and hide until they left.. did that all his life.
When he was 10 years old he started developing what we though were behavioral issues. He was peeing alot.. and all over the place. But we took him to the vet and they did a urin test.. and it came back postive for feline diabetes. We took him home and had to decide what was best for him.
We decided to keep him at home for awhile longer, and see how well he did.. but he lost so much weight for fast, and was becoming delirious. September 18th 2001 he was euthanized, to end his suffering.
May you rest in peace my lovebug. I miss you.
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Shasta and Nibs


...claiming my coat

Samantha -- my Drama Queen -- at 7 weeks

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what a wonderful thread - thanks for starting this Diane. Its so great to see everyones 'past' babies who sure are waiting for us

Fran, ts good to see a photo of Sam.

brandy (ginger) & scotch (blk & wh)
oh my tears are forming as I post these...

and I add a doggie?

and my darling baby Blackie
it is Blackie that I believe brought Tipsy to me...
here he is when I was younger but he passed when i was about 12 (its the only picture I have of him scanned at the moment)

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Originally Posted by huggles

What a precious picture.

Here's my Molly:

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Awww, what sweet pictures! Wish I had one of my sweet boy, Willy, to share. Just picture Gracie a little bigger and without the spot on her nose and you'll get an idea of what he looked like.
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Sunni, who has been on my mind so much lately. She will always be in my heart! 2000-2005

And Angel, who mysteriously disappeared in August. She was a feral who lived outside here for two years before I could get her to come to me last Spring. After that, she was so affectionate!

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a pic of me and liberty
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Danielle RIP
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My sweet Julian. He had FIP.

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Here are some of my rainbow bridge kitties

Tigger...he passed away in March 2005

This was my Muggins (Pooh Bear)..she passed away in April 2004

Here is another one of her
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Here's the kitty I grew up with...His name is Bonzie, and he was born on my first day of second grade (I was 7)!! He passed away in October 2005 at the ripe old age of 16.

Hiding his face...I used to love it when he slept like this!


And now, showing his handsome face!!


He was such a good kitty. I miss him, but I am glad that we went ahead and let him go, because he was so old and uncomfortable that his life wasn't fun for him anymore. He had 16 great years with us though!
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here is my beautiful Captian VanHobo aka Hobo he passed away the end of september this year

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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis
What an adorable face
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Here are just some of my pets and my pets as a child. I'm constantly sending pictures up to my parents and then resetting their computer to whatever wallpaper I want them to have when they log in

From left to right

Mandy first kitten in my "adult" life
UnderMandy.. Toby (tabby/white)
Next to Toby is Muffy (calico) Was a cat I had in my teen years
Above Muffin is Sabrina our Keeshond puppy. We got her in the early 80s.
Then comes George - of course he is still with us
Naomi (calico) - she was the mother of my Toby (lived with my parents)
Next is Sadie (tabby) and Ebony (black) Also at parents and still living.
Next to Ebony is Robert Benjamin a/k/a "RB" lives with my parents (still living)
My McKenzie is above RB (my cat)
Charles (poodle) Childhood pet. Bathtime so he's not happy
Lastly, under Charles is my kitty Ziggy (long hair) . We got her in 1980 and I think she passed in 2002 or 2003.

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My mother butchered the family photos but here is Pokey on the left and Julie on they right

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Originally Posted by captiva
My mother butchered the family photos but here is Pokey on the left and Julie on they right

How adorable are these pics!?!?! Sooooooo cute! I have some very similar pics of me as a young girl with various pets under the Xmas tree.
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