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Public speaking

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Does anyone actually enjoy getting up in front of a large group of people and making a speech? I sure don't, but I agreed to be a speaker this weekend for the National Religious Retirment Fund - a collection to support elderly nuns, brothers and religious order priests. So, I have to speak - actually give the homily - at three Masses at one local parish this weekend. I've been putting off planning on my talk and am now down to the wire. I have to speak for five to seven minutes at each Mass. Anyone want to do this for me?
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I hate speaking in front of people! I have a condition to where my body produces too much adrenaline and i break out with red splotchy areas from my chest up to my head. Any kind of sudden change of emotion it happens to me!! SO its real embarrassing for me to speak in front of a large group! Good luck to you!
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I have done public speaking many times. The hardest time for me was at my Father in laws funeral mass where I agreed to do one of the readings. I didn't have what I was going to read until we were in the car on the way to church.
Over the yrs I have had the opportunity to teach Hmong woman American foods, teach "Chinese" cooking at local tech school. Also "teach" gardening classes and as president of local Master Gardener Assoc several yrs ago-presid over the meetings.
To me I need a pretty good outline as when I some of the garden classes I would speak for well over an hour. Do use have "props" to use???
I also have a glass of water handy!!! And I try to talk slower than normal.
Good luck.
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I love public speaking. The key is to be very, very prepared. If you feel confident that you will deliver a good speech, you will, and there won't be anything to worry about! I used to hate it, but then one time I offered to do it in class to get someone's attention, and I felt really good afterwards. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
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I confess I love it too! I can't stay away if there is a microphone handy! Maybe we are exhibitionists at heart. But I have had to do a lot of it, and teach it too, to civil servants and now to my undergrad students. Don't read a speech, though be very prepared, try to keep it light at least in parts, even if it is a serious subject, and as said, speak slowly. Much bad public speaking is done by nervous people who try to get through their speeches too fast. One tip I give is to make eye contact early on with two or three members of hte audience, sitting in different places, and then speak as if to them only. It makes a huge difference, brings it a personal touch, and you are more likely to hit the right pace. And remember to SMILE!
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Guess it's because I'm shy by nature that it's not something I enjoy. But, I've spoken in public enough times not to totally panic. I just get really nervous ahead of time and am fine once I start talking.
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I hate it, too, but you will do just fine.
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I don't mind it and enjoy it on occasion - depends on the circumstance. Hate eulogies at funerals but like political stuff.
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Eileen, you were so articulate in front of the news camera. Public speaking is easier than that. You'll do just fine.
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You'll be nervous but you'll be just fine . I speak to large numbers of people every working day - it's my job. It's actually good that you get to do your speech three times as I think the worst thing is doing something just once. You figure out how to do it the first time, but often never have to do it again. At least this way you can settle in to it

Good luck!!!
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Oh I feel your pain...I don't like public speaking either!..I wish you the best of luck!
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I also have to confess that I like public speaking. It's a big part of my job, too. The secret really is to prepare, prepare, prepare. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully, Eileen. It sounds like this is something you really believe in, so speak from the heart...your sincerity will come through no matter how nervous you are.
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it depends on the subject but ifi really like and believe what i have to talk about i love public speaking otherwise i wont do it
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I've written scores of speeches, and coached the speakers on giving them effectively... here's what I know:

1. For a short speech where you know the information by heart, it's usually best to write down what you intend to say and rehearse that a few times -- but then don't use the written speech. Instead, put just the key phrases in order on index cards and use those to remind you of the points you want to talk about, and to help you keep your place as you talk.

2. Don't feel compelled to fill every moment with words. Take your time, speak in paced phrases, and pause after making a point to let the audience absorb that information. A speech is not radio -- "dead air" is okay.

3. Someone said to smile, and that's SO important -- if you look grim and tense, the audience will not be as receptive to what you have to say.

4. This is my favorite tip: Imagine that you aren't speaking to a crowd at all, but to just one person -- someone who doesn't know anything about your subject, someone you're trying to persuade to CARE about it as deeply as you do. Speak to this person warmly, from your heart, just as you would if he was right in front of you.

5. Some coaches recommend eye contact with your audience -- personally, I can't handle that, and neither could many of the people I've written speeches for. Instead, I have them look at foreheads. :-) From the audience, it'll look like you're making eye contact, but you won't be as distracted as if you actually were.

I hope this helps! Good luck!
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I had to take a public speaking course in Nursing School. I ended up taking it 3 times because I dropped it the first two. I can handle speaking in front of a crowd if it's impromptu, but preparing a speech and getting up there to give it, I'm just a nervous wreck!

You are very eloquent in speech, Eileen, and I know you're going to be great! Remember the overall reason for your speech as you do the Lord's work. Everyone to whom you are speaking is cheering you on! You will feel peace that passes all understanding!
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Absolutely preparation, preparation, preparation. Give it to yourself, aloud, about 20 times so much so that you know every word, every phrase --- so when up in front of your audience you can speak effortlessly and concentrate on tone and style of delivery. The words will be effortless, and you will relax and have fun!
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I suffer from social phobia so public speaking would be my worst nightmare and i think you are all so brave for doing it.
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I'm at my office in the covent right now putting some finishing touches on my presentation and thought I'd check in.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again - you guys are so incredibly sweet and supportive!!!

Now, I wonder if there's some way I can work the topic of cats into my talk.
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I love public speaking, too. The hardest time I had to speak was at my Grandads funeral thirteen months ago. That was hard but what I wrote came from my heart.
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After doing live theater, historical reenactments and working as a tour guide, for 12 years, I can get up and speak anytime.

Pick one person in the audience and speak directly to them.
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