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Lola is at peace

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Just wanted to let everyone know that Lola passed quietly in my arms this morning due to complications related to Feline Leukemia. She was 8 months old and just too far along in the disease for us to help her very much. She is at peace now, and has joined her new friends from TCS and furbabies I have had before. After reading about the Rainbow Bridge, I can assure everyone here that my grandfather is among the human caretakers on that side of the rainbow bridge and that he is going to do such a good job watching out for Lola as he has done for many other furbabies (My Papa loved (LOVED) furbabies great and small).

THank you all for your continues support, prayers, thoughts and good vibes. Ian, Leo and I really appreciate it.
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i am soo sorry. we knew it was coming but while reading your post i still burst into tears. Lola is peacefull happy and not sick anymore thats the good thing. I knw you are sad but hopefully the new little one you bring into your lives will help ease your pain and give you many more years of laughter just as Lola would have wanted. Our prayers and hearts go out to you and your family at this time.
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Oh sweet Lola!!!
R.I.P. Sweetheart.

How is Leo handling it?
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I am so very sorry. Too many TCS kitties have crossed the Bridge this past year
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Allie, I can only offer my sincerest condolences. No matter how much we expect it, when it finally happens it is so hard. Lola was well loved in her short life, and now she is happy and healthy and forever playing at the Rainbow Bridge. She will never be far from your heart.
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RIP sweet Lola!!! Allie my thoughts and prayers are with you!~!
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RIP Lola... You will be missed..
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She's at peace now Allie RIP Sweet Lola

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I respect you for what you did for her, and I am sure you will see her again-
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RIP, Lola, sweetie. You will be missed by your mommy and Leo, and have been in many people's thoughts lately.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Lola was beautiful girl and though her time here was too short, she knew only love thanks to you. RIP precious girl.
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Lola, you will be missed greatly..RIP sweet Lola
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I'm so sorry we lost little Lola. It was too soon. But long enough for you to share her sweetness with us.

Rest in peace, sweet Lola.
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I'm very sorry. Even though her time here was short, you made sure you crammed lots of love into it and made it a wonderful life.

RIP sweet Lola.
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Oh no sweet angel Lola - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Please know she could not have had a better and more loving home than yours!
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Allie, I am so, so sorry for you and Leo and Ian's loss . Lola was a beautiful, sweet baby and she will remain so for eternity. I'm sure your grandpa is taking wonderful care of her and she will watch over you all of your life.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
Oh no sweet angel Lola - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Please know she could not have had a better and more loving home than yours!
you did everything possible for this sweet little thing, & she appreciated it...
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how wonderful it is that your Grandpa is there to meet Lola...

words can not express how I feel this morning - I am so very sorry Allie

RIP Lola - you will be deeply missed
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RIP Sweet Lola

Allie, you've given your sweetie a life packed with love -- all too short was her time, and now she's at peace. Be gentle with yourself.
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So sorry to hear this. She is safe and healthy at the bridge now and someday you will be reunited. You made her short time here happy and loved. Hugs
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Thank you all...we're doing as well as we can be here. Leo is extremely confused.

I met my foster, though, and I am head over heels in love with her. So that helped brighten my day a little. We're working hard to prepare her room for her arrival, so I'll let everyone know some GOOD news for once when it happens. She needs a name...a beautiful, petite calico. Hopefully, that occassion will be a happy one.

As heartbroken as I am for losing her, I felt so greatly, greatly relieved when she passed. As much as I wish she were still alive, watching her struggle for breath and lose all that weight despite how hard I tried to feed her was so much worse than this. As rotten as I feel right now, I know that now I get to heal and she is forever at peace. I can stop wondering and know that wherever we go after we die can't be worse than the pain of wasting away the way she was. It's going to be a steep, uphill climb for me, but I know that eventually this will get easier. I just feel so down in the dumps right now. If I could ask for anything, it would be for the crying to stop.
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We'll miss you, beautiful Lola
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Knowing it was best for her in the circumstances doesn't make it easier for you. It is so sad this had to happen but you did all you could to make her time here as full of love as it could be. Good luck with the new little one. May Lola's spirit look after her.
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I'm so sorry. What an incredibly strong person you are for being able to hold and comfort your baby as she passed over. I admire you and everyone else that is able to do this. How wonderful that Lola found such a caring person to watch over her during her short stay here.
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I'm so sorry. When my Mom passed, my cousin said that she had heard that tears cleanse the soul. She told me she must have a very clean soul. Now you have a very clean soul, Allie.

May your memories of her short kittenhood be a comfort to you. I suppose it is a blessing for Lola that if she was to suffer, that the suffering didn't last for a very long time (although I am sure it felt like forever to you.) But I do wish for your sake, and Ian's and Leo's, that her time here had been so much longer and healthier. Deepest condolences to you all.

Rest in peace, sweet Lola. I'm glad PaPa is there to watch over you.
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Allie, even though I knew it was going to happen, I'm so sad for you. I'm not very good with words, and so many meaningful things have been said here. I know just how you feel, and your memories will remain strong while your emptiness gradually will fade. And pretty soon we remember the good times, and recognize the meaning that one little life had for you and everyone else. God bless.
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***Hugs*** I am so sorry. I am glad she is at peace but we will all miss her.
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I am sorry sorry. RIP Sweet Lola..I am sure LG will give her a rub..
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Oh my heart hit the floor when I saw this thread! I knew it was comming but even still...

I wish I could give you a hug and sit with you and cry with you. Lola was on my mind today. Somehow a part of me must have known what was happening. I am glad Lola isn't suffering anymore. Sometimes the anticiapation is 'worse' than what comes after. Please don't be afraid to grieve. Many TCSers are grieving with you tonight.
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Thank you everyone for your support. You really have no idea how much it means to me in this difficult time. It's weird though. I'm not sad like, I wish I could bring her back sad. She was suffering a great deal and now she is in heaven, sitting on my granfather's lap listening to Johnny Cash and sending me angels on earth, but I just miss her so much already that my heart breaks. I love Leo and I love my little newcomer, but nothing in the world is going to be able to make me stop missing her, you know? She was a truly unique, extraordinary jewel and she made this world so much better by being born.

Awwww, now I'm crying again!
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