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Izzie Finds the Purrfect Spot

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I finally got a new computer and a flat screen monitor about two weeks ago! I never had a problem with Izzie and the monitor before now. She used to want to sit in my lap while I was on the computer. Now, she has found another preferred place to rest. She also likes to play chase the mouse cursor or simply sit in front of the screen so I cannot really see what I'm doing!!

I'm sure other people have cats that do this too.

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The view to the screen couldn't get much nicer than that!
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Awww, cute pics! Gracie does that when I'm working on the computer!
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Awww look at her

Yes Rosie has a favourite spot there as well

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Marlee is the same way! Except unfortunately I have a laptop, so then (if I can type at all) it turns out gibberish from her little feet. She also LOVES to pounce at the cursor, hopefully it won't hurt the screen!

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great pics everyone!
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Those are priceless... I wonder if you can train a cat to suck in his belly, Duke lays in front of the screen but he's so large you can't see past him
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LOL It looks like she is part of the keyboard! She is very pretty! She looks like a torti-tabby! Pretty girl! Charlotte is also beautiful. I am partial to the ginger girls though, my Chichi is a ginger girl
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Oh she is so pretty!! My cats as well love to lay by the computer.It must be the warmth from it.
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Pixel prefers the monitor...

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Our little black cat is just obsessed with my printer..
Every time I print something he comes running, and will sit there and stare at it untill it is done! Its like he can never get enough of that thing, and I dont know why.
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I love everyone elses pics too! I just noticed looking at Rosie that Marlee looks a little like her! It may just be that pic, but does Rosie have an area on her face that is orange striped? Marlee does, and it looks liker her and Rosie could be sisters or mom and baby! I had seen pics of Rosie often, but never noticed the resemblence til now!
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how precious she is so kallie loves to lay on the keyboard or infront of it to where i cant type
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Cute pics! Pumpkin used to chase the mouse. Now he acts too 'dignified' for that!
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Thanks for the comments. Izzie did manage to hit the F1 key at one point. I think she knew I needed help!! Then again, she had also hit another key when I was trying to upload those photos to photobucket and she CANCELED it!! Hmmm...was she trying to tell me something?
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