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Snoozie - 19 great years

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My little gray tabby I got when I was still in high school. My parents will never let me live down that day. They live on 9 acres and one day my father was mowing and found a baby rabbit injured in the field. I tried to nurse it back to health (being the animal lover that I am) and begged my father to take it to the vet when I couldn't. Well, long story short - the rabbit had to be put down and there was Snoozie. Last little girl left from her litter dropped at the vets.
Snoozie spent 19 very full years with my family (and for anyone that doesn't understand why people get so upset when losing a pet - think of that amount of time - 19 years of unconditional love. I don't know about the rest of you, but my cats are there for me more than anyone else most of the time.)
She was an outdoor cat though and therefore when I moved out I couldn't take her with me. She loved the open fields and barn too much. She would hunt all day and bring home the best "prizes" to be dropped at the door. I continued to visit her often (oh yeah - and visited my parents too...lol)
Every year my father brought her to the vets she got a perfect health record followed by a "see you next year". Towards the end we figured we wouldn't hear that as often, but we still did. She lost her hearing within the last year and she was put on anti-depressants because she started to get dimentia and would scream in the middle of the night for no reason. My parents loved her, but the screaming and the pill popping was wearing on them. Towards the end she began to drastically lose weight and was diagnosed with an underactive Thyroid, her eyesight started to go and she was having trouble in her litter box - but damn - the cat still hunted. She faded fast the last month or so and we decided that it was time. She was very disorientated and continued to lose weight and couldn't walk right or jump up anymore. We wanted her to pass with dignity since that's the way she always carried herself around the house.
She was the best cat I ever had (and I've got 4 of my own now).
She will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
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What a wonderful life she had...I understand completely about what that kind of time with one loving cat means. RIP Snoozie. I am sorry for your loss.
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Oh my goodness!, 19 years of love

Bless her little heart

RIP Snoozie
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Snoozie, it is time to hunt and play again at RB..RIP sweet one
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Snoozie was a great one RIP sweet angel
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Snoozie.
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Oh, how that reminds me of my childhood kitty, a silver tabby named Frisky. Sounds like Snoozie was a great cat, and had a wonderful home for 19 years. I know your great memories will be a comfort to you.

Rest in peace, dear Snoozie!
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Condolences on your loss of Snoozie. She had a good, long run and your family gave her the best gift at the end - a peaceful passing. May your memories comfort you until you are all reunited again over RB!
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