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Has your cat ever cried?

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Meeka likes to sneak out the door as I walk in. Its a game to her and she won't go anywhere once shes out, she just wants to beat me. Anyway this morning I anticipated her darting out so when I saw her about to spring I put my foot against her. I was juggling a few things and I think I accidently kicked her instead. At first she looked really pissed off, like "How dare you!" Then I shut the alarm off and I heard this whimper, whimper, then "WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" It litterally sounded like that! I looked over at her and she was crouched down and just fell over onto her side crying out. I thought OMG I've hurt her, even though the seen looked rather hilarious. I started cooing to her asking if she was ok and she jumped up as if nothing had happened and walked off.

Except for the last part I've never heard or seen such a childlike behavior (she really did sound like a baby). I couldn't stop laughing afterwards. I think she was more injured that she didn't beat me out the door for once.
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Oh good grief do they!, especially Sophie when she wants me to open my bedroom door to have a wander round and i'm sitting downstairs
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Wow! Luna has teared up, but amoung our 3 cats none of them have ever cried like that!
Poor thing though! It does sound like a hilarious scene!
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Rambo does that all the time! In the morning if i'm not getting up to get them their wet food fast enough, he'll go into another room and let out these terrible plaintive cries that sound like he's in utter agony. But when i jump up and run out he bounces over and looks at me like "oh good...you're up! you can get my food now".
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