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Rescued kitten...halitosis and flatulence

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Thanksgiving day we were out camping and there was a small (3 - 4 month) old stray/feral kitten hanging around the camp office. When we inquired they begged us to adopt as it had been there several weeks and they didn't want it there.

So being the softies we are we adopted yet another cat into the family.

This poor kit reeks!! We've had him about a week now, feed him cat dry food, and he has consistently horrible bad breath and passes wind on a regular and pungent basis. We're not talking the kitty just ate tuna kind of breath, this is bring a tear to your eye stuff, and the flatulence could be bottled and sold as a weapon of mass destruction.

He also gets baths every other day because the smell clings to his whole (tiny) body.

It is a male, his sleeping area smells enough to make you cry even though we've shampooed the carpet there twice. He doesn't appear to be spraying, it's just his 'emissions'.

Help!! Spouse is about to exile him to be my shop cat and I really would rather keep him in the house.

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he may be very sick, please take him to the vet! Also I hope someone knowledgible will give you a clue, but in the mean while, a vet appointment is a good idea.
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I'd certainly take him for a vet check up as well
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yes, he had his initial checkup and shots the day we adopted him, since we were concerned about bringing anything bad home to our other cats.

He has an appointment Tuesday to discuss the issue but I'm hoping to get some insight from other folks owned by cats as well.

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Now there's a coincidence turtlecat, we're neighbors. I work in Research Triangle Park.
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Ah? What vet do you use, I know of a couple of really good vets inthe area, one of which is feline only. PM me if you'd like more info on that, but you sound like you've got a vet already! Sorry i couldn't be more help but hiya neighbor!
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I use Cozy Cat Vet Hospital its on Lynn Rd. I live in Morrisville too and work at GlaxoSmithKline on Cornwallis Dr.

Sounds like your kitties have some serious bacteria/microorganism going on. Giardia can cause some awful odors among many other things.

Edit: I just realized you said you took him to a vet already. Are you sure they did a stool check? Was it a fresh swab? There are some micro-organisms that die very soon after they leave the body so it has to be immediate. Diet can also cause foul smells so it could just be time to get all the old stuff out of his system.
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I would suggest a change in diet also. Sounds like he needs to get his system in order after surviving on who knows what up till now. Good luck with Mister Stinky Bum!
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