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Wet Nose

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Hi All,

I have noticed that my boy's upper part of the nose is wet. Not just the tip, but the nose itself. When we were at the vet the nose wasn't wet. I explained to him the situation but he said it's fine. What could it be?

Thank you.
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Both of my cats noses are wet and cold. The little one, Guinness, likes to wipe his face on mine and his cold wet nose gets all over my face! Sweet, but yuck!
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Sadie & Dexter have cold wet noses most of the time. They are not runny...just wet.
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Rosie and Sophies are the same
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But is it the tip of the nose or the part between the eyes as well?
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It's normally the front where their nasels are
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I've not heard of the long ridge of the nose being wet. I can't think of anything it could be though.

Hope has such a wet nose and she is the type that drools when I pet her. I get kitty saliva all over my hands when I try to pet her!
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Wiggies has a cold wet nose too. Not just the pink tip, but right above that too, but not in between the eyes. Does your cat have runny eyes at all?
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I figured that I'm not expalaining it right, so I included a picture of Kuzya (he's the one with the wet nose). The red spot represents the wet spot on his nose.
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You explained it fine! I just checked both my babies, and their noses are a little bit cool in that area, but not wet. Is it particularly humid where you are? If so, it could just be condensation forming there, due to the relative coolness where the air is passing through as he breathes. That's all I can think of...
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I don't think it's humidity that causes his wet nose. At first I thought that when he was drinking he got his nose wet, but I noticed that when he doesn't drink it's wet. I guess he just has a wet nose. As long as it's nothing harmful I'm OK
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Kitties have fairly long tongues. I wonder if your boy is licking his nose. That might make it damp higher up.
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