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Flea eggs?

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I have noticed that my ten week old kitten has been having these tiny little yellowish eggs(I think so) coming from his anus. I have been finding them on his blanket and chair that he lays on. At first they appear to be like soft, but afterwards they get hard. They are so tiny, I barely see them. But lately I have noticed more and more. Are they fleas eggs and are they supposed to come out of his anus? Is a ten week old, old enough for a flea bath?
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No they are not, but your kitten does have fleas. Because she has fleas, she also has tapeworms. Please get her to the vet to be checked, medicated and deflead
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If they are coming out of the anus then they are tapeworm.....they will dry up and fall off the anus and wait for there next host......
Tape worm can be as small as a grain of rice and as big as a cucumber seed....Fleas eggs are barely visible

I second Hissy's vet idea......

Good luck
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Yep, tapeworm indeed. Get her to the vet for some tapeworm meds and some flea meds. I believe she is old enough for Advantage flea medicine...my 9 week old kitten got some last week.

The way cats get tapeworms is by ingesting fleas that are pregnant with the tapeworm. The worm adheres to the inside of the cat's intestines with a little hook-like thing, and it can grow to be pretty long (a couple feet). What you are seeing coming out of your cat's bottom are little tapeworm segments: they break off of the worm and come out periodically, and contain hundreds of little tapeworm eggs. So basically, if the cat has a tapeworm, he or she has had fleas, and vice versa (if he or she has fleas, you should be on the lookout for a tapeworm as well).
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Needs to go to the vet!
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it couldn't by chance be flea larvae?
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Not out of the rectum. Flea larvae are more commonly found on carpet, couches and in beds rather than on the cat because they are in the growth stage and haven't quite made it to the flea stage yet. More than likely tapes, but if they have tapes, they have fleas
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