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Hurray for me!!

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Well, for those of you who remember.... a few weeks ago I was working really hard on many essays...
I got two of them back today.

First one was my biggest one... I was hoping for 24/30 (80% or A-) but only got 23/30
I'm a little disappointed but at least the comments I got were pretty good. It's not an easy class... but maybe if I do well on the final, I might still get a 80% average.

Then I got my second essay back (in another class). I wasn't sure what to expect and I was hoping for my usual A-
well... guess what I got....


The marker wrote that my essay was "absolutely excellent"
wow! In your face everyone who is only "excellent"

Oh, and in another class, I had 85% (highest grade in the class) on my last quiz but the prof was feeling in the Christmas spirit and gave everyone an extra 10%.

I'm on a roll. Now I just need to stay motivated and stay on track for 3 more weeks.

But for tonight, time for another happy dance
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Good job!
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Good for you Marie....yes, i do remember.
Hold up that chin, puff out that chest and give yourself a big pat on the back! You did good Girl!
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Awesome! Must have been some essay!
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Way to go, Marie!
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I had been really looking forward to coming back to school, saved up money for a year and this is REALLY want I want to do. So it means a lot to me to know that I'm doing well.
I really need to get to grad school. If I can maintain grades like that, get good references from my profs and good research experience, I should get in easy.
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Keep up the good work, Marie!
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...Hoooooorrrraaaaay for Marie!!!

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Whoo -hoo! Well done! Did you celebrate by baking up some double chocolate muffins?
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Very well done Marie. Keep up the good work and then kick back and enjoy the holiday season!
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