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Can cats legs fall asleep???

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Emmet has been lounging on my bed like all day.....he does this sometimes its not uncommon.....

However he just came in the kitchen and hes limping.......Its definitly his front left leg that is the issue......I picked him up and examined didnt seem to be painful.....but with cats ya never know....

I am just wondering if it may have fallen asleep since hes been a lazy boy all day....

either way if its still like this in the morning hes going to the vet......

Any comments or ideas are welcome....thanx
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So his leg is definitly not asleep...hes been limping for nearly an hour now....

We checked his paw for anything stuck in it...nothing there

I checked for swelling and tenderness....nothing there.....

There also appears to be NO weakness, as he can stand on it just fine......thats good....

However the poor guy went to the toilet seat..his favorite place the nap and he looked like he wanted to jump on it...but he couldnt find the courage...I ended up helping him with that..and now hes just sitting there.......

Gosh i hope he just jumped off the bed wrong...Emmet has been through way too much.......

Ill up date you guys if there is anychange....and as always any advice or ideas are welcome
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Poor Emmet! I hope he feels better soon! I'll pray he does and it's nothing serious!
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Hope Emmett's leg is feeling better. Have you tried massaging it?
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Hope Emmet feels better soon.
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Originally Posted by yayi
Hope Emmett's leg is feeling better. Have you tried massaging it?

I did rub it a bit gently...just to make sure it wasnt swollen or broken or something....would messaging it be a good idea.......

Its been about 6 hours and hes still limping....its probably a visit to the vet tommorow then

thanx for everyones well wishes......

and any more advice would be very welcomed
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I definitely think there's something other than the leg being asleep at this point, since it's been so long.... but i do know that pet legs can fall asleep - I've never seen it happen to Ollie, but my black lab, Cuddles, frequently gets "sleepy leg" after being curled up for awhile (she's 65 pounds, yet still tries to pull her legs up over her head like a kitty)... but after a few minutes of walking, she's fine (she is also almost 12 years old, so I'm sure that's why she gets it more frequently, but she did get it as a younger pup as well)... good luck and please let us know what happens!!
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Poor sweet kitty! I hope he gets it better soon!
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Aw I hope Emmett is okay *hugs* keep us posted!
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Hope Emmet gets to feeling better! Just a day or so after I first got Marlee, she started limping just the tiniest bit, and just like your kitty, showed no signs of pain when I checked it out, massaged it, etc. I called the vet to ask their opinion b/c her vet visit was just a few days away (2 if i remember correctly). He told me to watch her the rest of the day, if it got worse to call, and if it wasnt gone by the next morning bring her in. Well, the next morning it was fine! She was hopping and running around like normal! At the vet a day or so later he told me she probably just landed funny jumping from somewhere. Just like us, how we can twist an ankle just a tiny bit, but after walking on it for a bit it goes away? I guess it can happen to them to! Thought I would tell you that little story so you know its not necessarily something too bad. Hope all is well, let us know how its going!
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It sounds like a minor injury such as a sprain. You don't really have to take him to the vet at this point since there is nothing that can really be done for it anyway. Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get worse. If it's not better by next week, then schedule a vet appointment.
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Sorry guys that I have been so slow on my response....with getting ready to move, xmas, finals....and everything else..I have had squat for time to just do what I love...write on TCS.....

Well heres the update.....

Thursday morning i had a appointment for Emmet...however that morning he seemed like 90% better...I ended up cancelling the appointment, because of the drastic of now Emmet seems to be back to perfect working order..... .....

So i guess it was a false alarm...but you can never be too careful.....

I just want to thank everyone for the great advice, and well wishes...Emmet and I very much appreciate it
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Yay! Glad he is feeling better.
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Hi all, I am so glad to see this thread. I know it's 10 years old, but I googled this question, & this thread came up! :)  This happened to Angel yesterday (4/12 Sunday) morning. I woke up at 5:00 am for a bathroom trip, & Angel was limping on his front right leg/arm.  I also examined him, his paw, on up to his shoulder, & underarm. Seemed to not have any sensitivity, or reaction. I didn't feel anything wrong.  I also did some massaging. 

He got in his bed, & was kneading & purring normally, so seemed o.k.  As always when something is wrong, I prayed on him, & went back to bed, hoping it would be better when I got back up. (Being a Sunday, I didn't want to have to pay hospital prices either!)  He woke me up at 7:30 for his breakfast & seemed 90-95% better. I was so happy!  He spent most of the day in his bed, (& also was able to lay on that side)  so I finally made him get up for some treats, to see him walk, & make sure he was still o.k.  He was normal when he got up to eat, use the litter box, etc.. I thought it would be pretty rare for a cat to "land wrong" etc.. but I guess it can happen. There is no other explanation. dontknow.gif

I am just relieved it was very temporary, & thank God for answered prayers!!  

This morning he was back to playing!  Lately, he likes to hide under my bed skirt, like he's hiding. (even though his butt id half out. LOL!  I roll a ball to him & we go back & forth playing ball, & sometimes w/ hiis mice. :D

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