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Prayers/Vibes needed for George

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I took George to the vet tonight because I noticed a small lump on the side of George's face this week. I was concerned because it was hard and didn't move . They determined that it is a Mast Cell Tumor and so my little guy is going in for surgery in the morning at 9am. I am naturally nervous about it and could sure use Board Magic right now. Thank you
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Be well George. Hugs and prayers. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning Chris
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Chris, George will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I sure hope he's okay and everything goes well with the surgery. I will be thinking of both of you.
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Lots of healthy vibes for George! And for Chris.
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Oh Georgie sweetheart Tonnes of vibes heading his way, Chris, and some calming vibes for you. You'll both be in my thoughts.
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ohno Chris.... sweet Georgie (you know your my favourite) please be strong and brave darlin... we will all be thinking of you
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George, you precious little baby boy, I love you so much! You're going to sail right through your procedure in the morning, I just know it! You'll be back home in no time at all with your Mom to drive your sisters nuts!

Chris, good for you for noticing this area so promptly. Although we were hoping it would be nothing at all, it is your careful observation and vigilance that has made all the difference!

Georgie, I'm praying for you and know you will very shortly return to perfect health, and Chris, I'm praying that you will feel a distinct peace in your heart throughout this ordeal! You know I'm but a phonecall away!
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Oh no!!! Lots of good vibes headed George's way and lots of calming vibes headed to you!
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I know that this is very difficult for you Chris.
Sweet George will be in my thoughts tomorrow morning.
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Poor George! I will add my prayers that he is 100% ok!
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You and George will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Keep us posted on how it goes.
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Chris & (((lots of good health vibes)))for George!
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Sending you and George good vibes!!!
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Lots of good vibes for George that the surgery is quick and successful. I'm hoping you found it early and can eradicate it totally. Good luck.
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Chris, you and your handsome George will be in my thoughts and prayers
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Get well soon George!
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Chris, it's going to be all okay. Sending lots of good vibes to George.
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sending hugs and prayers!
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Wishing George well and vibes and good thoughts his way.

Please update us when you can.
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Good for you for noticing it and getting him in to the vet so quickly... sending healing light for your baby...
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Awww George - you poor little guy. All of us here and your kitty friends are sending loads of good vibes your way for your surgery today. Wishing you a smooth procedure and a quick return to perfect health. You'll be miaowing for your little treats again in no time.

Good Meowmy for spotting this so quickly and getting you straight off to the Vet .

Hugs for Meowmy and scritches for George from Auntie Beth
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Oh good grief Chris!. Sending (((((mega healing vibes))))) Georges way and that the surgery is a success.

Come on George, be strong sweetie so you can go home and play with sockie
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Good luck to George
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Sending good thoughts and prayers to george you way ! Hope turns out well!!!
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Healing vibes being sent to you George for a speedy recovery...
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Prayers and good vibes for George! Get better soon!
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Sending you and George extra hugs this morning!

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Sending lots of vibes with this and hope all goes well with the op. Lots of hugs for you and George. XX
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I am so sorry to hear this news. I will be here all day (until 4:30) If you need to talk. I am sending many,many,many wellness vibes to George, and many,many,many soothing vibes to you. Let us know how surgery goes!
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It is so tremendous to have all of you pulling for my baby. It means so much I have just sent George and hubby off to the vet, so I will post an update later Thank you for all your thoughts
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