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Chocolate Lovers!

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What is your favorite??

I guess I should have added an OTHER option. If it is other please explain
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I'm easy!!! Good ole Hershey is my favorite!!!
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I'll give any chocolate a chance! After all, I am head of the SPCC - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chocolate, TCS chapter.

Love Lindt Lindor truffles, and a couple of things from a local chocolatier (who I met in the parking lot and almost hugged him! ), and my Secret Santa sent a couple of packages of Tim Tams.
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Dark-chocolate TRUFFLES!!!!! Doesn't really matter what brand, as long as it's expensive, melty in your mouth, and really fattening with tons of calories, it's good!

Grrrrrrr...why does it have to be sooooo evil?? Now I am craving it, but I try not to eat it too much, oh...I want my chocolate and I want it NOW!

This is why I try to stay away from it as much as often as I can. I usually don't have it very often, and it is sooo tempting!!

I also chocolate-covered raisins.
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i love all chocolate
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If it's chocolate, I'll eat it!
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I love all chocolate!!, I love those ferrio rocher (sp??)
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I voted for anything and everything.
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3

I also chocolate-covered raisins.
Yeah that's a good excuse - you can eat the chocolate treat and claim it's healthy 'cos it's fruit!
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Let's face it. We'll take whatever we can get!
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There's these new chocolate covered cherry kisses this year! Mmmmmmm!
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Anything except chocolate mints. I'm currently on a Hershey's EXTRA Dark Chocolate binge.
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This Extra dark chocolate sounds heavenly Cindy! I love dark chocolate much better than milk chocolate.

I don't know what my favourite brand of chocolate is but I do love Cadbury's Flake and Bounty (which tastes just the same as a Mounds in the US)
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Out of the list, Lindt is my fave.

But - I LOVE Galaxy and have my mum ship me them from the UK all the time
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Godiva has great ice cream but I like Hershy bars the best
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My favourite is Cadbury chocolate - flakes especially!
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Best chocolate candy:
Dove -- but Hershey's kisses are a close second,
and Lindt is an even closer third!

Honorable Mention: Reese's, for its brilliant work
in enhancing our appreciation of chocolate through
the use of peanut butter as contrast.

Best chocolate ice cream:
Chocolate Swiss at Marble Slab
(especially with fresh strawberries mixed in!)

Best hot chocolate:
Swiss Miss, sugar free, NO marshmallows

Best chocolate cheesecake:
Edward's frozen Chocolate Cheesecake
made with Hershey's chocolate

Best chocolate dessert in a restaurant:
Nutella dessert pizza at Pazzo's in Dallas

In fact... just about the only BAD chocolate is those rock-hard no-name foil-wrapped bells and Christmas balls that come in cellophane bags from the dollar store.
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Erm...I've never had Lindt or Godiva. Poor me, guess I live in the sticks.

But I like dark chocolate!!!
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Gimme the Hershey
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If it starts with Choc... it's highly likely that I'll like it. Unless there's marzipan or coffee involved. Antyhing else - well it would be lucky to be seen ever again after I've laid my hands on it.

I agree with your choice of BAD chocolate though - I wouldn't inflict those foil things on anyone.

So here are my faves.....

Best chocolate:


Best chocolate drink:

Sunday PIck-me-up in a cafe near me: Very smooth dark and creamy chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

Best Chocolate cake:

Double chocolate and orange muffins

Best choclate dessert:

Sarah Lees double chocolate gateau (I admit to being one who eats a whole one all to herself in one go)

Best choclate ice-cream:

Ben and Jerry's: phish phood - or - B&J's chocolate fudge brownie

Faveourite chocolate sweet- Ferrero Rocher!!!
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I voted anything and everything but my favourite is Galaxy which we have in England, don't know if you have that in the states? It's so smooth and gorgeous.
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I LOOOOOOVE Galaxy too. Can't beat that in the UK for being smooth and ooh soooo creamy!!
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Anything and everything Chocolate!!

When we were at the Mall of America, we went into the Godiva store, I was in heaven!!
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My favorite is Teuscher Champagne Truffles! Oprah liked them enough to put them on her Favorite Things show one year, too!

I also like Hershey Dark Chocolate Kisses. I like Godiva a lot, and like to give it as gifts a lot. Ghirardelli is okay.

I also love Dagoba and Green & Black's organic chocolate.
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DARK Chocolate is good................ VERY good for you !!!

I started eating Dove Dark Chocolate pieces a year or two ago after reading about them on a cigar forum I am a member of. My reason aside from the health benefits; smoking cigar tobacco, especially Cuban tobacco is wonderful with a piece of dark chocolate stuck to the roof of my mouth. The two "vegetables" compliment each other.

Btw, there are Chocolate forums just like this one and they are just as 'religious' about their passion as we are about ours

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My parents live near Hershey Canada, its a conspiracy!!
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I love anything chocolate!!!
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Russell Stover makes the best chocolate!
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i voted for Lindt, because their 85% cocoa bar [very bitter, deep chocolate flavor, BTW] is so smooth - great mouth feel. the snap isn't bad on that one, either - but for me, flavor & mouth feel are the 2 most important elements.
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I really prefer the Ritter and Milka brands :P though we also have a local chocolatier that is soooooo goooooood and organic.

Also,when I can get it (rarely) Sarrottis', Toblerone, and Mon Cheri
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